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today Pacific Dental Congress Mar. 18

exhibitors18 Pacific Dental Conference — March 18, 2016  The purpose of obturating a root canal is to fill the space three- dimensionally to elim- inate any gateways through which bacteria might enter. Thanks to DiaDent, dentists may now have a bulletproof way to seal root canals and help ensure treat- ment success. Studies indicate that using the warm compaction tech- nique increases the chances that no voidswillbeleftbehindintheobtura- tion process. The EvoFillTM Duo obturation sys- tem, a new technology, was show- cased in February at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. While countless methods and techniques are available for root canal procedures, perhaps none is as easy, intuitive and time-saving as DiaDent’s complete obturation sys- tem, according to the company. With an innovative electric motor that prevents hand fatigue, EvoFill Duo offers fast heating and controlled gutta-percha extrusion with precise 3-D fills and reliable results. Both units can be fully charged within 90 minutes. Warm,vertical compaction EvoPackTM is a cordless, warm, vertical-compaction device. It effect- ively and tightly compacts and seals all canals, including lateral canals. After a canal has been shaped and cleaned, a master cone is selected for a snug fit and tug back. EvoPack is then used to cut, soften, downpack and compact the root canal filling material. An LED-light-guided condenser provides users a clear view inside the oral cavity. Color- coded pen tips are avail- able in five sizes, includ- ing XF, F, FM, M and ML. Its quick-heating tip reaches a high level of temperature of 2,500 degrees within one second to save treatment time. Three levels of temperature and two heating-time settings give users full control of any procedure. Hygienic,one-time-use gutta-percha cartridges EvoFillisamotorized,cordless.obtur- ation system that extrudes warm- gutta-percha to backfill unfilled por- tions of the canal. The motorized- mechanism helps prevent users from experiencing hand fatigue. EvoFill uses hygienic, one-time-use gutta- percha cartridges to deliver fast, pre- cise and direct injection of softened gutta-percha into the root canal. The tips can be bent to the desired shape and angle using the multipurpose wrench provided. The clear GP win- dow displays the amount of gutta- percha available in the cartridge. With the new disposable fast- loading gutta-percha cartridge, there is no messy, tedious cleanup, accord- Obturation system compacts and seals all canals — including lateral By DiaDent Staff Here at the PDC To learn more about the EvoFill Duo obtura- tion system, you can visit Diadent in booth No. 1529. Detailed in- structional and intro- ductory videos can be viewed at www.diadent. com. ing to the company. EvoFill has three variable temperature settings to pro- vide precise control of obturation flow. The preheating function quickly softens the gutta-percha when device temperature is low. For sale in Canada in July Detailed instructional and intro- ductory videos can be viewed on DiaDent’s website at www.diadent. com. EvoFill Duo will be ready for sale 5 The EvoFill Duo obturation system: EvoPack is a cordless, warm, vertical-compaction device. And the motorized, cordless EvoFill extrudes warm gutta-percha to backfill the yet unfilled portion of the canal. (Photo/Provided by DiaDent) DiaDent provides‘a bulletproof way’ to seal root canals for treatment success in Canada in July 2016. A brochure and demo unit can be requested. In addition to being here at the Pacific Dental Conference in booth No. 1529, DiaDent will be exhibiting at the AAE meeting in San Francisco, April 6–8, in booth No. 807, and at the California Dental Association Meet- ing in Anaheim, May 12–14, in booth No.1284.Formoreproductdetailsand company information, you can call (877) 342-3368. to help combat muscle imbalances that typically plague seated workers. The long-term goal is to re-educate the core and maintain proper working posture. Caruso specializes in manual therapy and orthopedics, specifically neuromusculoskeletal disorders. He has worked extensively with dental professionals since 1988 in ergonomics, injury prevention, productivity, exercise and wellness. The workshop is cosponsored by Posture Perfect Solutions, and participants will receive an Evolu- tion Chair. •EpsteinreturnsSaturdaymorningwith“Early detection of oral potentially malignant disorders: diagnosis and management,” from 9 to 11:30. Many of the issues surrounding screenings will be presented, including recent calls to “decrease the rhetoric” in oncology, in terms of the mantra of early detection. Early detection of potentially malignant disorders isagoalbutscreening must be evaluated in terms of common or rare conditions, the population to be stud- ied and the potential outcomes of the pro- cedure/technology used. Also discussed will be the challenge of the limited options to approach manage- ment of potentially malignant disorders. Be sure to consult the PDC app or the latest “Conference at a Glance “to identify your best strategy for pursuing any of the many educational opportunities available through Saturday. C.E. from page 4  Dr. Howard Glazer leads a hands-on course at the 2014 Pacific Dental Conference. (Photos/Provided by Pacific Dental Conference) 5 TheEvolutionChair. ‘Fast heating and controlled gutta-percha extrusion with precise 3-D fills and reliable results.’

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