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today Pacific Dental Congress Mar. 18

exhibitors14 Pacific Dental Conference — March 18, 2016 Dentin replacement material made of purist calcium silicate n Septodont’s Biodentine™ is the only resin-free bioactive and biocompatible dentin replacement material that can be used in both the crown and the root. It replaces dentin and saves pulp vitality along with the following indications: • Permanent dentin restorations; • Deep cavities; • Pulp capping; • Pulpotomy; • Temporary enamel restoration; • Root perforations; • Pulpal floor perforations; • Internal/external resorptions; • Apexification and apical surger. According to the company, there is no other singleproductonthemarketthatcanbeusedforall of these indications. Extremely tight seals with adhesive systems Inadditiontodevelopingwatertightinterfaceswith dentin, the calcium salts in Biodentine produce extremely tight seals with adhesive systems, mak- ing the material suitable for use as a base or liner under resin composite or an inlay/onlay. With all of these indications, general practition- ers, endodontists and pediatric dentists can all benefit from using Biodentine, according to the company. Made from the purist form of calcium silicate, Biodentine does not stain teeth. It contains no metalimpurities,asarepresentin“Portland”based cements. As part of the chemical-setting-reaction of Bio- dentine,calciumhydroxideisformed,initiatingthe healing response. (Clinical data is available from Septodont on this proven chemistry.) In addition to treating damaged dentin, Bioden- tine provides other clinical benefits, including: 1) Higher compressive strength than dentin. 2) Similar flexural modulus as dentin. 3) High microleakage resistance. 4) Cuts like dentin. 5) No surface prep. According to the company, the material’s tri- calcium silicate core enables the minerals in Bio- dentine to penetrate the dentin tubules, forming an extremely tight seal. Beyond its high dimensional stability, Biodentine also exhibits microleakage resistance, which minimizes post-operative sensi- tivity and reduces the risk of bacterial percolation. The material’s high alkaline pH gives it antibacter- ial properties that help to protect the tooth from recurrent infections, the company reports. Available in an economically priced 15-pack or an operatory five-pack, Biodentine is available through your authorized dental dealership. (Source: Septodont) Add bioactivity to your practice  Septodont’s Biodentine, a resin- free bioactive and biocompatible dentin replacement material, can be used in both the crown and the root. (Photo/Provided by Septodont) Here at the PDC LearnmoreaboutBiodentineandotherSeptodont products in the Exhibit Hall in the Septodont booth (No. 1223).  It would be hard to find a pedi- atric dentist anywhere who would disagree that zirconia crowns are an excellent choice for esthetic primary tooth full-coverage restorations. NuSmile ZR preformed zirconia pediatric crowns offer clinicians and their patients numerous advantages relative to stainless-steel crowns and even other commonly used aesthetic options. These advantages include: • Ultimate durability compared withcompositefillingsorstripcrowns. • Natural-looking appearance. • Biocompatibility. • Prevention of plaque build-up, creating a favorable surface for gingi- val tissues. As the founder and CEO of one of the largest and most respected manufacturersofpre-formedpediatric aestheticcrowns,DianeJohnsonKrue- ger was adamant that her company’s NuSmile ZR zirconia crowns must do more than just offer these advantages; they must be clearly superior to any other primary zirconia crown in the market. By design, NuSmile ZR zirco- nia crowns were developed to reflect an unmatched emphasis on scientific evidence, and to be manufactured with a state-of-the-art, patent-pending manufacturing process, according to the company. Monolithic zirconia ceramic: Nine times stronger than teeth Made from high-grade monolithic zir- conia ceramic, NuSmile ZR crowns exhibit a material strength that is ninetimesstrongerthannaturalteeth. Their ultimate durability ensures that they will last until the tooth exfoliates withoutrequiringanyongoingrepairs. NuSmile ZR crowns will not chip aspre-veneeredstainless-steelcrowns can do on occasion, and they will not discolorandbreakdownovertimelike composites and strip crowns often do. Exceptionally natural esthetics NuSmile ZR zirconia crowns also offer the highest aesthetics to satisfy the most demanding clinicians and par- ents. The translucency of NuSmile’s zirconia ceramic has been optimized both to provide natural aesthetics and to prevent the problem of dark tooth- show-through of pulpally treated teeth, ensuring doctor and parent’s continued satisfaction with the res- toration over time. More and more parents and den- tal professionals are searching for materials that are biocompatible and health-promoting.Therearenumerous studies that confirm the high biocom- patibility of zirconia ceramics, and as such, zirconia has long been used for all types of orthopedic and dental implants. Living tissues adapt to it NuSmile ZR zirconia pediatric crowns aim for the perfect balance of art and science extremely well. The tissue response and attachment is exceptional after NuSmile ZR crown placement, and plaque-retention is also reduced. In addition, the NuSmile ZR crown system features Try-In crowns for trial fitting and preparation refinement prior to cementation. Try-In crowns save critical chair time by eliminating extrasteps.Importantly,Try-Incrowns also prevent cementation-weakening saliva and blood contamination that can happen with all other zirconia crowns. Reliable,durable,natural “We know how important reliable, durable, natural-looking aesthetics and biocompatibility are to pediatric dentists and, even more so, to their patients’ parents,” said Krueger. “We have made it a priority to make our NuSmile ZR crowns all of these things pluseasytouseandaffordable,inorder for them to experience the unique advantages of our pediatric zirconia crowns.” Here at the PDC Visit NuSmile in the Exhibit Hall in booth No. 1402. By NuSmile Staff

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