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Dental Tribune Canada Edition No.1, 2016

. A8 Dental Tribune Canada Edition | March 2016 Keystone adds first Canadian- dedicated regional manager Rack-and-sleeve system eliminates sterilization paper and pouches The SALUS hygiene sterility maintenance container from SciCan eliminates the need for sterilization paper and pouches. It can save hours and dollars spent wrapping instruments in sterilization paper. Photos Provided by SciCan PDC BOOTH 1029 INDUSTRY With the SALUS, instruments are transportable — using a secure, rack-and-sleeve design. Rack portion of the SALUS. Sleeve portion of the SALUS. ” See KEYSTONE, page A11 Ad SciCan has recently introduced SALUS, which it refers to as “the world’s first paperless, rack-and- sleeve, hygiene sterility mainten- ance container.” According to the company, SALUS eliminates the costly and time-consuming use of sterilization paper and pouches. This enables clin- icians to save hours that otherwise would be spent wrapping hundreds of dollars worth of sterilization paper. Another benefit is the reduction in the amount of waste being generated by your practice. With SALUS, instruments are kept safe and are easily transport- able using a secure rack-and-sleeve tech- nology. The rack has handles designed to hold instruments in place. There is also a safe- ty knob that locks the container for safe and secure transportation. Additionally, a tamper-evident latch is activated when the container is processed through a steam sterilizer. The transparent container enables in- stant identification of instruments and chemical indicators, according to the company. Visit SciCan in booth No. 1029 at the Pacific Dental Conference. (Source: SciCan) Keystone Industries, one of the leaders in manufacturing dental products for both domestic and international mar- kets, recently named the organization’s first Canadian-dedicated regional man- ager to help lead Keystone’s expanding sales group. Megan Shank is serving as the com- pany’s regional manager for the Can- adian customer base.

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