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Dental Tribune Canada Edition No.1, 2016

. A16 INDUSTRY Dental Tribune Canada Edition | March 2016 By Mark Duncan, DDS, FAGD, LVIF, DICOI, FICCMO, Clinical Director, LVI As a patient, I expect the best care I can find. As a doctor, I want to deliver the best care possible. That takes us to the power of continuing education, and as doctors we are faced with many choices in continu- ing education. As a way to introduce you to the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Stud- ies, or LVI, I want to outline what LVI is about and what void it fills in your prac- tice. The alumni who have completed pro- grams at LVI were given an independent survey, and unlike the typical surveys, 99.7 percent said they love practicing dentistry, and of those surveyed, 92 per- cent said they enjoy their profession more since they started their training at LVI. That alone is reason enough to go to LVI and find out more. Functional dentistry: Power of physiologic-based occlusion While the programs at LVI cover the breadth of dentistry, the most powerful and life-changing program is generally reported as Core I, “Advanced Functional Dentistry: The Power of Physiologic-Based Occlusion.” This program is a three-day course that is designed for doctors and their teams to learn together about the power of getting their patients’ physiology on their side. In this program, doctors can learn how to start the process of taking control of their practice and start to enjoy the full bene- fits of owning their practice and provid- ing high-quality dentistry. Comprehensive care Whether he or she works in a solo practice or in a group setting, every doctor can start the process of creating comprehen- sive care experiences for patients. We will discuss why some cases that doctors are asked by their patients to do are actually dangerous cases to re- store cosmetically. We will discover the developmental science behind how un- attractive smiles evolve and what cases may need the help of auxiliary health care professionals to get the patient feel- ing better. LVI Core I three-day course enables dentist and team to learn together Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies offers Core I, a three-day course for dentists and their teams. Photo/Provided by Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies Ad The impact of musculoskeletal signs and symptoms will be explored and how the supporting soft tissue is the most im- portant diagnostic tool you have — not simply the gingiva, but the entire soft-tis- sue support of the structures not just in the mouth but also in the rest of the body. A successful restorative practice doesn’t need to be built on insurance reimburse- ment schedules. An independent business should stand not on the whims and distractions of a fee schedule but rather on the ideal benefits of comprehensive care balanced by the patients’ needs and desires. Dentistry is a challenging and thankless business, but it doesn’t have to be. Through complete and comprehensive diagnosis, there is an amazing world of thank-yous and hugs and tears that our patients bring to us, but only when we can change their lives. The Core I program at LVI is the first step on that journey. That’s why when you call,we willanswer the phone, “LVI, where lives are changing daily!”

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