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Dental Tribune Canada Edition No.1, 2016

. A10 INDUSTRY Dental Tribune Canada Edition | March 2016 Ad By American Eagle Instruments Staff Do you ever feel like practice efficiency and quality care can’t coexist? Are you frustrated by time spent on tasks that should be solved by technological advan- cements? Here’s some good news: Times have changed, and hand-instrument technol- ogy has advanced, making it possible to deliver higher quality patient care within an efficient practice. Recently named “The Practice Game Changer of 2015” by read- ers of RDH Magazine, American Eagle Instruments has developed XP Technol- ogy, a metallurgical advancement that eliminates the task of sharpening, which is viewed by many as tedious and is often imperfect. Clinicians chose XP Technology by writing in the product or service they felt has made the biggest impact on their practice, a testament to the positive effect XP Technology sharpen-free instruments have had for thousands of clinicians. A proprietary manufacturing process, XP Technology is behind the market’s only line of sharpen-free scalers and curettes. The process enhances metallurgic com- position of the instrument’s surface, giv- ing it properties of a much more durable material. It is not a coating that will flake or peel off over time, but an embedded surface akin to a stained piece of wood, unable to flake or be removed. Because XP Technology’s durability renders it sharpen-free, the instruments are manu- factured with thinner working ends for greater access to calculus and previously inaccessible pockets. Working ends retain the factory blade angulation that assures proper calculus removal and eliminates the risk of burnished calculus. A sharpen-free metal brings another, less-quantifiable benefit. Metallurgic dur- ability of this magnitude allows a modi- fied scaling technique. For the first time ever, clinicians have a hand instrument made with an alloy that is harder than the calculus being removed. Calculus removal with XP Technology is accomplished with amuchlightergraspandshavingstrokevs. the heavy lateral pressure and “popping off” of calculus used with stainless-steel instruments. Hygienists describe XP Tech- nology in action as “melting” calculus off the tooth surface. According to the com- pany, it is a smooth, painless technique that can reduce physical stress for clin- icians and promote improved ergonom- ics and hand health, both big concerns for most clinicians during their careers. The return on investment with XP Tech- nology is not only evident for the practice, but for the patient as well. The practice wins when team members are spending time with patients rather than wasting time sharpening instruments. That extra patient-contact time can lead to accepted treatment and better overall patient health. Patients win when clinicians use the modified scaling technique, experien- cing comfortable appointments that make them want to return. American Eagle Instruments under- stands that these are medical devices that require a precise fabrication process to achieve a consistent, reliable product. AEI is an American manufacturer based in Missoula, Mont. It takes 36 steps to fabri- cate an XP Technology instrument, and each step takes place within the factory under strict quality control standards. This attention to detail has helped AEI earn a reputation for creating some of the world’s most precise and long-lasting in- struments, according to the company. You can check out XP Technology in boothNo.1645atthePacificDentalConfer- ence, and you also can visit com to see why XP Technology scalers and curettes belong in your practice — and in your hands. Then you can change your game, too. Game changer: American Eagle Instruments XP Technology XP Technology is a metallurgical advancement that eliminates the task of sharpening. Photo/Provided by American Eagle Instruments PDC BOOTH NO. 1645

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