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today ADX Sydney 18-20 March

news 18 ADX Sydney 2016 n Jam-packed with a broad range of product innovations, ADX16 Sydney is expected to draw a record number of dentists and allied oral health care profession- als. today international had the op- portunitytospeakwithADIACEO TroyWilliamsaboutawe-inspiring new treatment pathways, the re- markable growth in professional services to enhance dental busi- nesses, as well as the focus of thisyear’scontinuingprofessional development sessions, which fea- ture some of Asia Pacific’s best speakers. today international: According to the latest ADIA Bite Magazine DentalPracticeBusinessConditions Survey, the number of patients visitingdentalpracticesisincreas- ing and confidence is returning across the industry. What are the prospects for the industry in 2016 and in the years to come? Troy Williams: This is an excit- ing time for the Australian dental industry, as new products, both those manufactured locally and those from overseas, are entering the market, giving dentists and allied oral health care profes- sionals more options for treating patients than ever before. What’s great about ADX16 Sydney is that many of these products are being launched at this event. The industry has moved be- yond the subdued business condi- tions that existed in recent times and there is a high degree of con- fidence about the prospects for the year ahead. ADIA collects and publishes a great deal of data on the market in which dental prod- ucts are sold; this provides us with a unique insight into what’s happening and this data validates the positive sentiment that exists across the dental industry. For example, the ADIA Australian Dental Products Business Condi- tionsSurveypublishedlastmonth shows eight consecutive quarters of growth, with businesses record- ing increased sales over this pe- riod. The great news is this data also shows that businesses ex- pect this growth to continue; how- ever, this is somewhat tempered by the fall in the value of the Australiandollar,which places upward price pressures on imported products. The same survey also showed a unique factor about ADX16 Sydney, this being that the event in itself drives business confi- dence. That so many suppliers of dental products see ADX16 Sydney as a strong salesplatformisanim- portant point of differ- entiation. ADX16 Sydney is expected to draw a record number of dentists and allied oral health care pro- fessionals and spaces sold out quicker than ever. What feedback haveyoureceivedfromvisitorsand exhibitors? This is an event that just keeps on growing. At ADX12 Sydney, attendance by dentists grew by around14percentcomparedwith the previous event, and at ADX14 Sydney, the number of dentists attendinggrewbyafurther23per cent. If there was any doubt that the ADX Sydney series is Aus- tralia’s premier dental event, then these figures speak for them- selves. It is important to ADIA to un- derstand why dentists and allied oral health care professionals are coming to ADX16 Sydney and our market research has identified three key reasons. The first is that they are coming to see the largest range of dental products available under one roof. The second is that they are coming to buy the prod- ucts. Finally, dentists and allied oral health care professionals are coming to learn more, through the comprehensive continuing profes- sional development programme— some 39 seminar sessions that feature some of Asia Pacific’s best speakers. What industry trends stand out this year? What makes dentistry such a fascinating industry to work in is the continual evolution in treat- ment pathways, something made possible by the advent of new products. It is difficult to identify a seg- ment that has not seen change. In the dental laboratory segment, CAD/CAM technology continues to evolve, with milling now aug- mentedby3-Dprinting.Similarly, the pioneering work being done both within Australia and in- ternationally to bring to market new types of restorative materi- als offers dental professionals more choices that ever before, and that is what ADX16 Sydney is all about. Similarly, there isn’t an orthodontist in Australia who wouldn’t benefit from attend- ing ADX16 Sydney to look at the awe-inspiring advances that offer different treatment path- ways. However, some of the most interesting trends are not in the clinical area, but have come about by an understanding that dental practices, just like any business, can enhance their profitability through business improvement reform. The growth in profession- al services, including marketing, finance, insurance and patient management software, is amazing and will all be featured at ADX16 Sydney. The Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island will again host ADXthisyear.Inyouropinion,what makes the venue special? Twowords:theview!Thereisn’t a venue anywhere in the world that seriously challenges the Syd- ney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Is- land as having the best view—and it’s not just that you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the registration desks; if you take one “The industry has moved beyond subdued business conditions” An interview withTroyWilliams,CEO of theAustralian Dental IndustryAssociation (ADIA) PRINT DIGITAL EDUCATION EVENTS The DTI publishing group is composed of the world’s leading dental trade publishers that reach more than 650,000 dentists in more than 90 countries. VISIT US DURING AT BOOTH 102 ADX16 AD Troy Williams,CEO of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) “The event in itself drives business confidence.”

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