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today ADX Sydney 18-20 March

business 30 ADX Sydney 2016 AD Complete elimination of sha- dows during preparation has long been the unfulfilled dream of many a dentist. In 2014, W&H achieved a technological master- piece: five high-intensity pin- head-sized light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in a ring shape integrated into the small head of the new Synea Vision TK-98 L turbine. With the new sterilisable 5x ring LED+, dentists for the first time have the benefit of completely shadow-free illumination of the preparationsiteandpatientsalso benefit from the resulting impro- ved treatment safety. The preparation site is not only illuminated from the mesial aspect, but also from the buccal, distalandlingual/palatalaspects simultaneously with the new light design. Full light intensity is guaranteed even in the most difficult situations. An integrated spray with five outlet nozzles ensures perfect cooling and cleaning of the treat- ment site. The innovative W&H turbine is particularly robust with a special scratch-resistant surface coating that extends the life of the instrument. A unique ergonomic design and a small instrument head contri- bute to comfortable and fatigue- free work. The Synea Vision TK-98 L tur- bine with 5x ring LED+ is the result of intensive research and development. Close cooperation with internationally prominent dentists during development of theproductlendsthisinnovative turbinethebestpossiblesupport for use in routine practice. Distributor: A-DEC, AUSTRALIA Manufacturer: W&H, AUSTRIA For more information,visit us at: Stand 371 SYNEA VISION TURBINE WITH 5X RING LED+ Designed for the effortless production of dental prostheses, Roland DG dental mills deliver quality, efficiency and value in a compact,user-friendlydevice.Ideal for labs or office environments, the open architecture of the DWX seriesallowsyoutoworkwiththe latest materials, CAD/CAM soft- ware and scanners, without hav- ing to rely on a single source. Whetheryou’relookingforade- dicateddryorwetmillingmachine, or both, Roland DG has the ideal solution. Run the DWX-51D and DWX-4W side by side for the most flexible and productive dry and wetmillingsolution,givingyouthe confidence to take on the maxi- mumamountofglass-ceramicsand zirconia restorations without the need for back-and-forth set-up and cleaning of a single machine. The DWX-51D and DWX-4W dental mills have recently been validated by VITA Zahnfabrik (Germany) for use with the company’s dental prosthetic materials, including VITA ENAMIC, VITA SUPRINITY and VITABLOCS Mark II. DWX-51D With a host of automated features and precise five- axis milling, the DWX-51D is the perfect solution for labs wanting to increase production or those looking to start with digital milling for the first time. Equipped with a ten-station automatic tool changer (ATC), a new C-clampwithtorquewrench for easier loading of materi- als, and an expanded Virt- ual Machine Panel with bu- ilt-in maintenance routine, the DWX-51D takes dry mil- ling to a whole new level. It’s capable of producing copings, crowns, complete bridges, abut- ments and other prostheses from zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, PEEK and gypsum with unparalleled speed and preci- sion. When equipped with ZDB- 100D/50D/30D milling burs, the DWX-51D is certified for milling VITA ENAMIC. The DWX-51D is a smooth and steady ball screw-driven ma- chine that operates on the X-, Y- and Z-axes, simultaneously rotating blocks and discs. Til- ting on the b-axis, it supports deep undercuts and the com- plex milling of large-arch re- storations and other full- mouthprostheses.Forhigher quality output, the DWX-51D employs an improved air- flow system, which boosts vacuum performance and prevents dust from building up in the milling area. For optimum convenience, a col- our-coded light informs the technician of the machine’s operational status. DWX-4W The DWX-4W wet mill has been specially designed for mil- lingglass-ceramicsandcomposite resins, which are popular with both dentists and patients for producing aesthetically superior crowns, inlays, onlays and vene- ers, and is certified to mill VITA ENAMIC, VITA SUPRINITY and VITABLOCSMarkII.Inadditionto millingontheX-,Y-andZ-axes,the DWX-4W rotates pin-type blocks 360° on a fourth axis (a-axis) to support undercuts. The DWX-4W also features a high-performance Jäger DentaDrive spindle that operates at speeds of up to 60,000 rpm for precision milling and unmatchedreliability.Amulti-pin clamp allows you to mill up to three different pin-type materials simultaneously, while a four-sta- tion ATC changes grinding burs as needed without interrupting production. The DWX-4W is also equipped with a fully integrated pump and coolant system with a slide-out container for easy main- tenance. ROLAND DG, AUSTRALIA Stand 406 TWO NEW DENTAL MILLS DESIGNED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS 5 The new Synea Vision turbine with 5x ring LED+ is evidence of W&H’s technological superiority in the LED segment for dental instruments. For the first time, dentists can operate with a completely shadow-free view of the treatment field.

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