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today Yankee Dental Congress Boston Jan. 30, 2016

By Shofu Dental Staff n Super-Snap X-Treme Ultra-Gloss Performance Kitis an award-winning finishing and polishing solution from Shofu Dental Corporation. ComposedofSuper-Snapblackand violet contouring and finishing disks, Super-Snap X-Treme green and red polishing disks, and complemented by Super-Snap Buff super-polishing disks, DirectDia diamond polishing paste and Beautifil Flow Plus bioac- tive resin composite, this four-step, color-coded disk system is designed for easy, fast and safe contouring, fin- ishing, polishing and super-polishing of composites, according to the com- pany. Specifically, it provides an excel- lent choice for the Class V restora- tions where esthetics are a crucial component of a successful treatment, Shofu asserts. The grit of each abrasive disk con- tains either silicone carbide (black andvioletSuper-Snapdisks)oralumi- num oxide (green and red Super-Snap X-Treme disks) and is manufactured without a metal hub, eliminating scuffing and gauging of a composite material. The disks comfortably fit into an included contra-angle mandrel, cre- ating a stable tool for finishing and polishing work. Each of the four color-coded ultra- flexible abrasives corresponds to a step in the finishing and polishing process: black (contouring), violet (finishing), green (polishing) and red (super-polishing). To achieve a wet, glossy look, Shofu recommends fol- lowing the four-step procedure, start- ing with the black disks, then moving to the violet and green disks and concluding with the red disks. According to the company, the double-sided Super-Snap X-Treme disks, engineered with a 3-D abrasive technology, demonstrate an optimal combination of thickness, flexibility and durability. They smoothly pen- etrate interproximal areas and adapt to the curvature of the tooth surface, to meet and exceed varied clinical preferences. All Super-Snap disks come in refills of assorted grits and sizes, 8 mm and 12 mm. To achieve the finest results, the disks should be used with light pressure, with or without water, in a slow-speed handpiece at a speed between 10,000 rpm and 12,000 rpm. Complementary to Super-Snap and Super-Snap X-Treme disks are Super-Snap Buff, ultra-soft, velvet- like, super-polishing disks; Direct- Dia, a 20-percent, super-fine diamond polishing paste available in lime flavor; and Beautifil Flow Plus, a bioactive resin composite incorporat- ing Shofu’s proprietary giomer tech- nology. Shofu asserts this inclusive biomimetic filler possesses excellent physical properties and capabilities to sustain release and recharge fluo- ride, neutralize acids and inhibit plaque build-up. Shofu’s Super-Snap X-Treme Fin- ishing & Polishing Ultra-Gloss Per- formance Kit is an all-inclusive com- positefinishingandpolishingsystem. According to the company, itis simple and smart, and it delivers superior polish and high gloss each time, pro- vidingclinicianswithhighlyefficient and predictable results and facilitat- ing a better patient experience at a lower cost to the clinician. exhibitors 8 Yankee Dental Congress — January 30, 2016 One kit for your polishing and glossing needs Ad Here at Yankee To learn more about Shofu’s Super-Snap X-Treme Finishing & Polishing Ultra-Gloss Performance Kit, stop by the booth, No. 1229. 5 (Photo/Provided by Shofu Dental)

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