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today Yankee Dental Congress Boston Jan. 30, 2016

n OCO Biomedical, a leader in dental technology, training and instrumen- tation, will feature “Time to Change the Way You Provide Implant Treat- ment” as a special presentation today. Presented by Dr. Charles Schlesin- ger, OCO Biomedical’s chief operating officer and director of clinical affairs, this session will be an interactive lecture and live dentistry workshop. The AGD-Pace accredited workshop will be held from 10 a.m. to noon in Exhibit Hall M. During his lecture, Schlesinger will explore the need for implants in today’s practice. Attendees will learn about immediate load technol- ogy and how this addresses the needs of today’s dental patients. Once immediate loading proto- cols are explained and sample cases shown, Schlesinger will perform a live surgical demonstration, which will build on the foundation pre- sented in his lecture. During the live surgery, he will incorporate OCO Biomedical’s proprietary Guided Sur- gery System. According to the company, work- shop learning objectives are: •Understandtheneedforimplants and what your patients are asking for • Learn what immediate load means and how to accomplish it • Discuss the physics of immedi- ate loading • Become familiar with protocols for immediate loading Attendees will receive two C.E. hours by participating in this no- charge event. Apart from the workshop, OCO Biomedical will also be showing a range of information and products at itsbooth,No.729.Attendeeswillhave an opportunity to take a first-hand look at OCO’s Guided Surgery Kit and System.Inaddition,theywillbeintro- duced to the new 2016 OCO Regenera- tive Products Catalog, the 2016 OCO Nationwide Course Schedule and pro- vided registration information for the upcoming OCO 2016 International DentalImplantSymposium,tobeheld July 22–23, at the Sandia Resort and Casino, in Albuquerque, N.M. The company’s technical repre- sentative will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the benefits of doing business with OCO. Special Yankee attendee discounts for prod- ucts will be extended. States Schlesinger: “Last year at Yankee, our two live-surgery events exceeded our expectations. This year marks the 40th anniversary of OCO Biomedical. We are proud of the many unparalleled achievements and industry-recognized accomplish- ments made by our company since 1976. “During the last year, one of the most exciting developments for us has been the successful launch of our exclusive Guided Surgery Kit and System. The system was integrated in the live surgery performed at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in November in front of a capac- ity crowd. The immediate feedback there was extremely positive.” Schlesinger continued: “Further- more, and most encouraging, we are learning from survey informa- tion gained through our nationwide courses, trade show participation and one-on-one interaction with our doctors, that both novice and expe- rienced practitioners are incorporat- ing our system into their practices at record rates. “Applying this technology has resulted in measurable success, improvingpatientcarewhileenhanc- ing practice performance. The OCO Guided Surgical System also has been implemented into the majority of today’s CBCT and guide libraries.” exhibitors 6 Yankee Dental Congress — January 30, 2016 Time to change your implant treatment Ad Here at Yankee Dr. Charles Schlesinger, OCO Biomedi- cal’s chief operating officer and direc- tor of clinical affairs, will present “Time to Change the Way You Provide Implant Treatment” from 10 a.m. to noon in Exhibit Hall M today. You can learn more about OCO products at the booth, No. 729. 5 Charles Schlesinger, DDS, FICOI. (Photo/Provided by OCO Biomedical)

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