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today Yankee Dental Congress Boston Jan. 30, 2016

from page one 3 Yankee Dental Congress — January 30, 2016 medical-grade silicone, and it comes in five colors — amber orange, ame- thyst purple, diamond white, ruby pink and sapphire blue — for easy coding and identification. It does not require plugs or extra parts to securely hold instruments. Aqua Theater Aquarium Designs (booth No. 1451), a new exhibitor here at Yankee, is showcasing its selec- tion of aquariums enhanced with digital graphics. “We design, install and maintain custom aquariums that house a TV as a background,” says Eddie Hanson of Aqua Theater. You can pick a nautical coral reef scene or a tropical beach sunset — or use some of your dental practice’s graphics. “The idea is to use videos and graph- ics to create a theme,” Hanson says. “You’ll never be bored with your fish tank again.” Meeting attendees also have the chance to meet some of Boston’s most highly acclaimed figures in profes- sional sports here at Yankee. Foot- ball’s Matt Light of the New England Patriotsandbaseball’sKevinYoukilis of the Boston Red Sox are appearing from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. today at the Top Quality Manufacturing/ Glove World booth (No. 1236). Stop by to see them — and even get a selfie with them! About the Publisher Tribune America, LLC 116 W. 23rd St., Suite 500 New York, N.Y. 10011 Phone: (212) 244-7181 Fax: (212) 244-7185 E-mail: Publisher & Chairman Torsten Oemus President/Chief Executive Officer Eric Seid Group Editor Kristine Colker Managing Editor Fred Michmershuizen Managing Editor Sierra Rendon Managing Editor Robert Selleck Product/Account Manager Humberto Estrada Product/Account Manager Maria Kaiser Product/Account Manager Will Kenyon Business Development Manager Travis Gittens Education Director Christiane Ferret Accounting Department Nirmala Singh Published by Tribune America © 2016 Tribune America, LLC All rights reserved. today Yankee Dental Congress 2016 Show Dailies Vol. 7 appear during the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, Massachusetts, Jan. 28–30, 2016. Tribune America makes every effort to report clinical information and manufacturers’ product news accurately, but cannot assume responsibility for the validity of product claims, or for typographical errors. The publishers also do not assume responsibility for product names or claims, or statements made by advertisers. Opinions expressed by authors are their own and may not reflect those of Tribune America or Dental Tribune International. Ad 5 Eddie Hanson of Aqua Theatre Aquarium Designs (booth No. 1451) shows off a saltwater tank with a dental theme. DENTISTS 7 from page 1

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