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today Yankee Dental Congress Boston Jan. 30, 2016

By NuSmile Staff n In response to numerous requests from customers over the years, NuSmile has recently launched NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured crowns for first and second primary molars. The company asserts it has put the same attention to detail into the design and manufacture of its new pre-contoured stainless-steel crowns that it has put into its esthetic pediat- riccrowns,whichhavemadeNuSmile a trusted name in pediatric esthetic restorative dentistry during the past 25 years. According to the company, all NuSmile crowns are engineered to help customers increase practice productivity while ensuring great results for their patients, all at an excellent value. “If these pre-contoured stainless- steel crowns were going to carry the NuSmile brand, we knew they had to be something truly special,” said Diane Johnson Krueger, NuSmile founder and CEO. “And after talking with our customers, we decided that the best way to make these crowns truly special was to make sure they fit better without the need for trim- ming or contouring, delivering bet- ter retention and shorter working time compared to other stainless- steel crowns. We’ve also found that many of our customers don’t actually know the cost of the crown they are currently purchasing. Our new SSCs are not only better, they are priced better too.” NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured crowns are highly polished to make it difficult for plaque to adhere and cause further decay in adjacent teeth. In addition, they are anatomically accurate with a more functional occlusal anatomy. Their broader occlusal table and better-defined cus- pal anatomy provide more functional mastication. Made of corrosion-resistant surgi- cal grade 316 stainless steel, NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured crowns are laser- etched on the lingual side for last- ing identification. Unlike ink print- ing, these markings are indelible and stand up to autoclaving. These crownsalsoseldomrequiretrimming because of an optimized gingival- occlusal height. And on the occasion in which trimming or contouring is required, the company says its NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured crowns’ tempering makes the process very easy. “It’s a special thrill to be able to introduce the best designed line of pre-contoured stainless-steel crowns our industry has ever seen,” Krueger said, “but it’s that much more special toknowtheywillbeaffordableforour customers and their patients.” exhibitors 12 Yankee Dental Congress — January 30, 2016 Delivered: The pre-contoured, stainless-steel crowns you wanted Ad Here at Yankee Come take a look at the NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured crowns at the booth, No. 1333. 5 Nikki Ruck of NuSmile, booth No. 1333, with the company’s new contoured crowns. (Photo/Fred Michmershuizen, today Staff)

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