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Hygiene Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.1, 2016

hygiene tribune Dental tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | January-February 2016 3D < Page 1D “Middle East’s Dentist Meet Recommends Power Brushes for Improved Oral Hygiene” < Page 2D “Toothpaste app?” said Professor Crawford Bain, Program Director Periodontol- ogy, at Hamdan Bin Moham- mad College of Dental Medi- cine. The two-day meeting was at- tended by Professor Khaled Balto, Chairman Department of Endodontics at King Abdu- laziz University, and King Saud University’s Dr. Montasser Al- Qutub, Associate Professor in Periodontology & Implantol- ogy, both from Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Nabeel Al-Sabeeha, Consultant Prosthodontist at the Ministry of Health in Ras Al Khaimah, Dr. Elias Berdouses, Assistant Professor Depart- ment of Paediatric Dentistry at Dubai’s European University College, Dubai-based Dr. Ajay Juneja, Specialist Prosthodon- tist and Esthetic Dentist, Dr. Eftherios Kaklamanos, Assis- tant Professor of Orthodontics, at the Hamdan Bin Moham- med College of Dental Medi- cine, all of whom are based in the UAE, as well as Dr. Badar Monir Zaki, Senior Consultant Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, Al Nahdha Hos- pital from Oman and Dr. Nabih Nader, Clinical Chief Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Depart- ment, from the Beirut-based Lebanese University. PRINT DIGITAL EDUCATION EVENTS The DTI publishing group is composed of the world’s leading dental trade publishers that reach more than 650,000 dentists in more than 90 countries. . Figure 5. Summary of patient survey results from practice-based evaluation of CPH dentifrice. The per- centage of patients rating the CPH dentifrice as “excel- lent/very good/good” in each category shows the high effectiveness and acceptability among patients who used the product at least three months and completed the survey. (Courtesy of Journal of Dental Hygiene26) Figure 6. Summary of in-home usage study of CPH dentifrice among dental professionals. Results showed the product is highly effective and widely accepted among dental professionals participating in the study. More study participants indicated they would recom- mend CPH dentifrice to their patients after using the product at home. in controlled clinical trials translates into effectiveness and acceptability among both patients and dental profession- als. Recent studies have shown that dental care routines that include CPH, an Oral-B oscil- lating-rotating power tooth- brush, and regular use of den- tal loss can further enhance oral care beneits to patients. These indings show that you can be conident in recom- mending CPH dentifrice to your patients, knowing that the vast majority are likely to notice and appreciate beneits of a clean, healthy mouth and gums. references 1. Baig AA , He T. A novel denti- frice technology for advanced oral health protection: a re- view of technical and clinical data. Compend Cont Educ Dent 2005;26 (supp 1):4-11. 2. Marinho VC, Higgins JP, Sheiham A, et al. Fluoride toothpastes for preventing dental caries in children and adolescents. Cochrane Data- base of Systematic Reviews 2003;1 CD00278. Editorial note: The full list of references is available from the publisher. Kimberly Bray is professor and director for the Division of Den- tal Hygiene at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. She currently teach- es in three degree programs including two degrees with dis- tance learning options. Prof. Bray has 24 years of clini- cal experience in both general and periodontal practice with research interests in patient adherence, alternative learn- ing strategies, and product ef- icacy. About the Author Author’s acknowledgment: To Ms. Anita Guy for assistance with manuscript preparation.

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