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Hygiene Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.1, 2016

hygiene tribune Dental tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | January-February 2016 1D > Page 2D Middle East’s Dentist Meet Recommends Power Brushes for Improved Oral Hygiene Toothpaste app? by Oral-b D ubai, uae: A group of the Middle East’s leading dentists have come together to agree on how best to promote good oral hy- giene through brushing. Held in Dubai at the end of August and supported by Procter & Gamble, the irst dental con- sensus has issued a series of recommendations to help im- prove oral hygiene in the re- gion. These proposals, which focused on tooth brushing habits across the Middle East, include an agreement that electric power brushes are more effective at maintaining oral health, and that Bluetooth by Kimberly bray, rDh, MS W hat determines your level of conidence in recommending a product to your patients? My conidence level depends on doing some of my own re- search and coming to my own conclusions. When I irst heard about Crest Pro-Health toothpaste and the wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic beneits it pro- vides, I have to admit I was cu- rious. The only product I own enabled power brushes have the potential to encourage bet- ter oral care among children. Co-chaired by Hamdan Bin Mohammad’s College of Den- tal Medicine’s Professor Craw- ford Bain and Dr Arwa Al- Sayed, Director for the Saudi Board of Periodontics, the meeting of ten dentists from Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates met for two days to discuss how best to promote better brush- ing habits among the region’s consumers. Research under- taken by the Dubai Healthcare Authority in February of this year found that 80 percent of children in Dubai between that can do just about anything is my smartphone! It’s a phone, camera, iPod, and so much more! Then I started wonder- ing, what if toothpaste could work that way, providing all of the key oral health beneits in a single tube? What would be the advantages? As it turns out, I could think of quite a few: •Convenience. Many patients just don’t have time to use more than one oral care prod- uct to get a wide range of ben- eits. They would prefer to sim- ply use one product. •No trade-offs. Patients could the ages of 12 and 15 have un- healthy gums. The group agreed on the fol- lowing recommendations: 1. Evidence suggests that pow- er brushes are more effective in the short & long term com- pared to manual brushes. Ac- cording to present data, over the short & long term, power brushes are better at main- taining oral health. 2. Evidence suggests that oscil- lating-rotating power brushes are superior to all others in the short & long term. 3. Bluetooth enabled power get therapeutic beneits with- out trading off cosmetic ben- eits of extrinsic whitening, tartar control, and breath pro- tection. •No selection required. Un- like my smartphone, where I brushes with interactive apps and smart guides have the po- tential to aid in better compli- ance from children. This con- sensus suggested that power brushing can be started at any age if parent and child are comfortable with it. 4. Power brushes with an oscil- lating-rotating mode of action are more effective than oth- ers at reducing and preventing gingivitis in the short & long term. 5. Power brushes with an in- tegrated pressure feedback mechanism could have the po- tential of reducing soft & hard tissue abrasion. select the app I want, a multi-beneit den- tifrice would provide all of the beneits with each use. •Widely applicable. It would be a product that would offer beneits for both teens and adults alike. “This was the irst time that we’ve brought together such a group of experts to talk about the pressing need to improve the region’s oral hygiene. The Middle East in general suffers from poor oral hygiene when compared to regions such as Western Europe, and as a profession we felt that it was important to come together to agree on how to change the status quo. Regular brushing is an essential part of good oral health, and by using power brushes we can better main- tain our oral health both in the short term and the long term,” •Provide therapeutic protec- tion. It would provide protec- tion against caries, plaque, gingivitis, and sensitivity. My list of potential beneits turned out to be pretty im- Figure 1. Crest Pro-Health is compared to an app-like “smart toothpaste.” pressive. So I decided to do some research on Crest Pro- Health toothpaste. Here are the questions I asked and what I learned. What is the basis for Crest Pro-health formulations? Crest Pro-Health (CPH) den- tifrice is based on a unique, patented system of stabilized stannous luoride (SnF2) and a cosmetic ingredient, sodium hexametaphosphate(NaHMP). First dental consensus agrees that electric power brushing is best for oral health; 80 per cent of children between 12-15 years have unhealthy gums, according to research by the Dubai Healthcare Authority > Page 3D > Page 4D Classic versus modern: Comparison of new method of professional dental cleaning by adina Maurer, germany T he early work of prophy- laxis pioneers Axelsson and Lindhe in the late 70s already described the con- tent and procedure of a den- tal prophylaxis session. Due to scientiic and technologi- cal progress, new possibilities are available today that enable professional dental cleaning in a more eficient, effective and gentle way (minimally abrasive and atraumatic) with increased Fig. 1: Conventional preparation of tray. Fig. 2: Modern preparation of tray.

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