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today AEEDC Dubai 2016

business 33 AEEDC Dubai 2016 AD 3Shape TRIOS Orthodontics hascreatedaseamlessintegration withDentalMonitoring,whichen- ables orthodontists using the TRIOS intraoral scanner to send digital impressions directly to the DentalMonitoringplatform.After the patient’s current baseline tooth position is determined with a digital impression, the applica- tion then enables both the ortho- dontist and patient to monitor an orthodontictreatmentbyaligning photos taken regularly with the patient’ssmartphoneandcompar- ing them with the original base- linetoothpositionasidentifiedby theinitialintraoralscan. “The Dental Monitoring plat- formisanexcitingnewtoolforor- thodontists and for encouraging patient treatment participation. The smooth integration between TRIOS Orthodontics and the plat- form will make it much easier for moreorthodontistsandpatientsto take advantage of the innovative platform,”saidFlemmingThorup, 3ShapepresidentandCEO. As the digital impression be- comes the first reference point in defining the baseline tooth posi- tionaswellasabenchmarkforall future calculations made by the application,itmakestheaccuracy of the initial intraoral scan para- mount. The leading accuracy of the 3Shape TRIOS will ensure a precise image for the Dental Mon- itoring platform, the company said. The device was recently named the dental market’s most accurate intraoral scanner in a study published by the American DentalAssociation. “The 3Shape TRIOS has an ex- cellenttrackrecordwhenitcomes to accuracy and user-friendly in- terface, so we’re very excited about the integration of our plat- forms,” said Philippe Salah, Co- Founder and CEO at Dental-Moni- toring. “I think this integration is the next logical step in the devel- opmentofourproduct.” 3SHAPE, DENMARK Booth 4C15 3SHAPE TRIOS ORTHODONTICS INTEGRATES WITH DENTAL MONITORING AttheAEEDCinDubai,German dental instrument manufacturer has its latest portfolio on display. The new tungsten carbide instru- ments, for example, have been op- timised mainly for the separation of teeth, roots and for apicectomy. Its A-blade has a high degree of smooth running with an excellent cuttingcapacityandhastherefore become the instrument of choice withsurgicalprocedures.Bonelid preparation and harvesting of bone structure for augmentation are further possible uses. The smooth surface of the blades facilitates cleaning and reuseoftheinstruments.Theirim- provedgeometryfurtherprovides a high degree of stability and con- sequently an excellent, economi- cal service life, the company said. The long FGXXL shank with the particularly long, slim neck guar- antees a reliable view during the apicectomy. Also, the new perforated dia- mondfinishingstripsbyNTIadapt particularly flexibly to the sur- face of the tooth, which facili- tatesproximalcontouringof Class II, III and IV fillings. Increased reduction is achieved with the aid of the perfora- tions. The round design of the perforations ensures stable strips. Selected grit in three stages allows application ac- cording to the situation. The dia- mond grit continually forms new efficiently cutting edges andguaranteesre- peated use. The stainless steel of the strip guarantees the sta- bility for repeated prepara- tion and increases multiple us- age. NTI KAHLA, GERMANY Booth 7F07 PRODUCT NEWS FROM NTI

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