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today AEEDC Dubai 2016

business 32 AEEDC Dubai 2016 AEEDC Dubai 2015 AD Complete elimination of shadows during preparation re- mains a top priority for the large majority of clinicians. With the integration of five high-inten- sity, pinhead-sized LEDs into the small head of the its Synea Vision turbines TK-97 L, TK-98 L and TK-100 L, W&H allows den- tiststobenefitfromthe100% shadow-freeilluminationof the preparation site. The preparation site is not only illuminated from mesial but also from buccal, distal and lingual/palatal at the same time with the new ring shaped light design. This way, full light intensity is guaranteedeveninthemost difficult situations, accord- ing to the company. Patients also benefit from im- proved treatment safety with the new sterilisible 5× ring LED+. An integrated 5× spray with its five outlet nozzles guar- anteesperfectcoolingandclean- ing of the treatment site. W&H said that its turbines with their special, scratch-resistant sur- face coating are particularly ro- bust and maintain the quality of these instruments. A ergonomic instrument design furthercon- tributes to comfortable and fa- tigue-free work. SyneaVisionturbineswith5″ ringLED+aretheresultofinten- sive research and development. Theclosecooperationwithinter- nationally renowned users dur- ingdevelopmentoftheproducts give the innovative turbines the bestpossiblesupportinpractice routine. W&H, AUSTRIA Booth 29 SYNEA VISION TURBINE WITH 5X RING LED+ Introduced in the Middle East in autumn 2015, the Straumann Bone Level Tapered Implant (BLT) is a substantial addition to the Straumann Implant Dental Sys- tem portfolio. The Straumann BoneLevelTaperedImplantoffers excellent primary stability in soft bone and fresh extraction sockets. Thetaperedformadequatelycom- presses the underprepared os- teotomy. It also allows dentists to effectively master their patient’s limited anatomy such as facial un- dercut, converging root tips, con- cave jaw structure or narrow atro- phied ridges. Building on the clinically proven features of the successful Straumann Bone Level Implant line, BLT also introduces the pow- erful combination of Roxolid, SLActive, Bone Control Design, CrossFit connec- tion, and pros- thetic diversity in an apically ta- pered implant body. BLT has been givenaveryfavorableresponseby the clinicians using it, as demon- strated in numer- ous feedbacks. Dr Sergio Piano from Italy commented: “Thanks to the BLT,Icannowpro- vide ideal condi- tions for immedi- ate loading in most patients.” “The BLT is a revolutionary product like no other,”saidDrJean-LouisZadikian from France while Dr Bruno Schmid from Switzerland con- cluded: “With the BLT system I ap- preciate the precise instruments, the great retention even in defect situations and the very good pri- mary stability.” STRAUMANN, SWITZERLAND Booth 7C10 STRAUMANN INTRODUCES NEW STANDARD FOR TAPERED IMPLANTS

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