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today AEEDC Dubai 2016

business 30 AEEDC Dubai 2016 AEEDC Dubai 2015 AD A-decisshowcasingthelatest addition to their product range at AEEDC 2016. Along with a competitive price point, the A-dec300offersacompletesolu- tion with the ability to specifi- callyconfigureforeachpractice. The new update builds on the current designs by adding fea- tures such as virtual pivot to the chair for enhanced patient com- fort, and a third delivery system configuration option that pre- ciselyfitstheneedsofthedental team, while still maintaining an attractive price. Built as a modular unit, den- tists begin with the chair, and pick and choose the features theywant:fromdeliverysystem stylesandtouchpads,tofootcon- trols,lightsandmonitors.There- sultisanindividualizedsolution that fits the needs of the dentist, aswellastheirbudget.Thiscom- plete and adaptable solution serves an invaluable purpose for both US and global cus- tomers, by offering solid A-dec quality at a flexible price point. With ancillary integration, den- tistscanalsoaddnewintegrated clinicaldevicesdowntheroadto evolve along with the growing needs of their practice. “In redesigning the A-dec 300, we wanted to offer a full so- lution that provided superior value and unparalleled choice. Theupdateddesignprovidesim- proved comfort for the patient and more choice for the doctor, while still fitting into their budget,” says Shayne Krebs, A-dec Product Manager. “This system is another example of the A-dec commitment to con- stant innovation and improve- ment. I can’t wait for customers to come see and experience it. Many dentists who currently do not own A-dec equipment will be surprised about the level of premium quality and reliability they can afford.” A-DEC, USA Booth 6C01 A-DEC 300 Visitors are invited to visit the booth of Thomas, as the French manufacturer has developed a new rotary nickel-tita- nium system named NiTiShaper. The suc- cessive use of its three instruments (T1, T2 and T3), allows to shape root canal fast and comfortably. Owingtotheintel- ligent design of the blades, the work is progressive and equally distributed be- tween the three instruments. This way, the majority of the root canal anatomy can be treated. Simplicity, efficiency, safety are the strong points of NiTi- Shaper, the company said. FFDM-PNEUMAT, FRANCE BOOTH 3G09 NITISHAPER

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