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today AEEDC Dubai 2016

business 28 AEEDC Dubai 2016 AEEDC Dubai 2015 AD BasedinCologne, in Germany, Aden- tatec is a global provider of non-pre- cious dental alloys on cobalt-chrome and nickel-chrome base, as well as CAD/CAM discs on cobalt-chrome and titanium base. Its SYSTEM SOFT-BLANK is a nickel- and beryllium-free cobalt/chrome disc for use in CAD/CAM processes. Furthermore, it is suit- able for soldering. SYSTEM SOFT-BLANK is espe- cially soft, good tensile and homo- geneous owing to special heat treatmentandfeatureshighcorro- sion resistance and biocompatibil- ity. According to the company, it is available in many diameters and measurements, for almost every type of machines. Established in 1997, Adentatec offersahigh-qualityrangeofprod- ucts for dental laboratories. All medical devices distributed by the company are exclusively produced in Germany and are cer- tified to the highest standards (CE marking and US Food and Drug Administration),asitiscommitted to the strict implementation of the quality and process requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO9001foritsentiremanufactur- ing process. ADENTATEC, GERMANY Booth 7E04 WHOLE RANGE OF LABORATORY PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY BY ADENTATEC German dental manufacturer VITA presents new CAD/CAM blanks for implant-supported restorationsattheAEEDCinDubai this year. They are manufactured from hybrid ceramic, glass ce- ramic and composites and feature an integrated interface (screw canal including anti-rotation lock) foranadhesive/titaniumbase(e.g. TiBase), making them compatible with the implant systems of many manufacturers.thecompanysaid. VITA Implant Solutions blanks are available in three versions. Thankstoanelasticitythatissimi- lar to dentine, the hybrid ceramic ENAMIC IS blanks are capable of absorbing the impact of mastica- toryforces.Hencetheyarerecom- mended for permanent restora- tions. In addition, manufacturing of VITA ENAMIC IS superstruc- turescanbedonequicklyandcost- effectively,accordingtothemanu- facturer, since the material can be processed with CAD/CAM equip- ment.Restorationsmadeofhybrid ceramiccanbeinserteddirectlyaf- terpolishingsincenofurtherther- maltreatmentisnecessary. VITA ENAMIC IS and VITA SUPRINITYIS,ahigh-strength,zir- conia-reinforced glass ceramic for permanent superstructures, are available in two different geome- tries and degrees of translucency. This will allow manufacturing of both two-piece restorations con- sisting of a mesostructure and a crown, and one-piece monolithic abutment crowns. The one-piece solution is primarily recom- mendedfortheposteriorareaand the two-piece solution for implant- supported crown restorations in theanteriorarea. VITA IMPLANT SOLUTIONS arecompletedwiththeVITACAD- TempISblanksmadeofcomposite material for temporary restora- tions. In addition to their suitabil- ity for provisional restorations, they can be used for creating indi- vidualisedemergenceprofiles. VITA ZAHNFABRIK, GERMANY Booth 7E17 VITA IMPLANT SOLUTIONS VITA IMPLANT SOLUTIONS—CAD/CAM blanks with an integrated interface to an adhesive/titanium base.

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