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today AEEDC Dubai 2016

business 24 AEEDC Dubai 2016 As a family-owned Japanese company continuously improving itscorecompetencesandtechnolo- gies, GC strives to develop smart solutions for dentists’ daily chal- lenges. This sometimes implies go- ingagainsttraditionalconcepts.In this respect, the company has an- nouncedtorevealadaringnewap- proach to aesthetic dental restora- tions with Essentia, which was de- veloped together with a group of experts in aesthetics. Once more, GC conquers new frontiersandisofferinganinnova- tive solution for daily challenges, which perfectly blends versatility, simplicityandaestheticsinasmart solution – enabling dentists to just follow their intuition. Essentia does no longer rely on the tradi- tional Vita colours but on a very simpleassortmentofsevenshades, created to mimic natural teeth at any patient’s age and offering den- tiststhemaximumofcreativefree- dom. GC pursued a long develop- ment process creating a very lean and simple colour scheme, includ- ingonlysevendifferentshades.Ac- cording to the company, this mate- rial is more than a real alternative toconventionalshadesystems,asit marks a paradigm shift in restora- tivedentistry. Shadesarenolonger named after the traditional “hue” (A, B, C, D) of commonly used sys- tems, but instead following the chroma(intensity)andvalue(light- ness) of teeth, in order to copy best the natural enamel and dentin build-ups. Therefore, the two enamels and three dentins could be characterised as being light, medium or dark. By combining enamel and dentins, four main combinations following the patient’s age (Young, Junior, Adult & Senior) will make the shade selection become easier and will be sufficient to form the basisofanyrestoration,atanyage. Thus, four different compositions were used to give specific proper- ties to each shade, each of it best suited to their respective use: while enamels will present a high polishability and gloss retention, dentins display an amazing shade adaptationtothecavityandcanbe easily modelled. The Universal shade will provide the best chameleon effect for mono-shade posterior restorations, and the Masking Liner with high opacity will offer an easy placement thanks to its injectable consis- tency. This makes Essentia a sim- pleandreliablesolutionforallaes- theticrestorations,andtheperfect partner for dentists who are look- ing for a simplified, yet highly aes- thetic system. Certainly, this straightforward approach goes along with many advantages. Practitioners will pri- marily benefit from a simplified build-up process, allowing highly aesthetic restorations to be cre- ated in significantly less time, while patients will profit from a long-lasting gloss as well as a re- ducedriskofplaqueaccumulation and staining, thanks to the opti- mised composition of the enamel shades. In addition, even dentists willing to give more detailed char- acterisation to their restorations aregainingfromEssentia.Thefour dedicated modifiers have been de- veloped to satisfy various de- mands, such as the desire for an opalescent halo on the incisal bor- der, fissure staining or mimicking white spots. By boldly reducing the com- plexity of conventional shade sys- tems, Essentia brings restorative dentistry to its essence and opens up the way to maximal creativity. GC EUROPE, BELGIUM Booth 14 Withanewformulaand improved sculpability, Saremco has been successful in fur- ther developing its leading prod- uct els extra low shrinkage. Den- tists from the Middle East will be able to get hands-on the com- posite at this year’s AEEDC show in Dubai. Els extra low shrinkage pro- vides high biological safety and extremly low shrinkage stress, which signifi- cantly reduces the risk of microcracks and postoperative sensitivities, while providing the best pre- conditionsfortightmarginsinthe long-term. According to Saremco, els extra low shrinkage is recom- mended for all restaurations, ranging from class I to V. SAREMCO, SWITZERLAND Booth 8F14 ELS EXTRA LOW SHRINKAGE Medit invites dental profession- alstorediscovertheirproductivity withIdenticaHybrid.Accordingto company, the device represents the apex in 3-D dental scanning to pusheverylabfurtherwithnearly unsurpassed speed, accuracy, re- liability, and an award-winning design. Built upon the speed and precision of the Identica Blue, im- provements were made in almost every area. Identica Hybrid is Medit’s most powerfulscannertodate.Whende- signing the device the company fo- cused on the requirements of labo- ratories for the purpose to develop a precise, fast, and reliable ma- chinethatisbotheasytolearnand use. The limits of their impression scanning technology were pushed tooffermorespeed,details,andac- curacy with the benefit of a 3-axis impression arm that enables an auto-double impression scan in one step. Scan times and data effi- ciency have been improved signif- icantly. Compared to previous models,IdenticaHybridhas74per cent faster scan times. Thus a full arch can be scanned in 16 seconds. The new data file format is 84 per cent lighter, significantly decreas- ing processing times. Identica Hybrid is equipped to scan for both models and impres- sions with the same speed, accu- racy, and reliability that techni- cians have come to expect from Medit. Also, the new flexible multi-die speeds up the workflow by allowing the scan of a full arch, or partials, with single dies simul- taneouslyoruptoeightsingledies separately. Compared to conven- tionalmethods,thisfeaturewillal- low for significant time savings. Like its predecessors, Identica Hybrid comes with a large scan- ning chamber so one can easily work with multiple types of artic- ulators (Artex, Sam, KaVo) and large models. The new Identica Software 2.0 upgrade is intuitive and colour coded with a re-de- signeduser-interface.Whileevery workisautomaticallysaved,users can also can save, redo, and undo theirjobsatanypoint.IdenticaHy- brid uses triple color scanning technologywithcolortexturesup- port, enabling technicians to in- cludehand-drawnmarkingsinthe digitaldesign,resultinginhigh-de- tail images of the model or impres- sion surface. Identica Hybrid's scan accu- racy is regularly tested at ±7μm with a standard deviation of only ±2μm to guarantee high quality scans every time. In addition, the patented intelligent multi-view (IMV) technology provides more details and more accuracy in deep occlusal areas. Since 2000, Medit has been committed to building high-qual- ity, reliable 3-D dental scanners that work for their user every day. The company offers remote sup- port sessions in which trained technicians are able to look di- rectlyintoauser’sscannertoiden- tify problem areas. Periodic on- site training and online video tuto- rials for user’s staff are also avail- able. MEDIT, SOUTH KOREA Booth 3D10 MODEL AND IMPRESSION SCANNING FOR EVERY DIGITAL LABORATORY FFDM-PNEUMAT manu- factures dental implant drills according to the spe- cifications of different im- plant manufacturers. Ac- cording to the French com- pany, its drills feature a high cutting power and offer an excellent resistance to the corrosion. Following the demands precisely, technical draw- ings are being sent to each customers for acceptance before the manufacturing process commences. Once the drawings are validated, the drills are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Following a 10-year de- velopment process, the company is now able to manufacture drills with even the most complex shapes including conical, cylindrical or stepped. Additional production technologies such as coat- ings, heat and surface treatments, laser mark- ings and colour identifica- tion, can also be provided. FFDM-PNEUMAT, FRANCE Booth 3G09 CUSTOM-MADE DENTAL IMPLANT DRILLS NEW 3-axis arm for auto double-impression scanning LESS COMPLEXITY AND MORE CREATIVITY WITH ESSENTIA

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