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today AEEDC Dubai 2016

D I A M A N T E X P E R T E N NTI Endo Clean Nickel-titanium files NTI-Kahla GmbH Rotary Dental Instruments Im Camisch 3 D-07768 Kahla/Germany Tel. +49-36424-573-0 Fax +49-36424-573-29 e-mail: Endodontics has really picked up over the past few years. It is difficult for general dental practitioners to keep abreast of the numerous instruments and instrumentation sequences. These perfectly matched Endo Files allow root canals of various shapes to be contoured well in the majority of cases. Straightforward root canals require only two instruments. Good contouring is an important requirement for good disinfection and creates the perfect conditions for successful root canal filling. AD news AEEDC Dubai 2016 Editorial/ Dental Tribune International Administrative Office GmbH Holbeinstraße 29 04229 Leipzig, Germany Phone +49 341 48474-302 Fax +49 341 48474-173 Internet Publisher Torsten Oemus Director of Finance and Controlling Dan Wunderlich Managing Editor Daniel Zimmermann Product Manager Claudia Salwiczek Production Executive Gernot Meyer Production Matthias Abicht today AEEDC will appear at the 20th UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition in Dubai, 2–4 February, 2016. The magazine and all articles and illustrations therein are protected by copyright. Any utilisation without prior con- sent from the editor or publisher is inadmissible and liable to prosecution. No responsibility shall be assumed for in- formation published about associations, companies and commercial markets. General terms and conditions apply, legal venue is Leipzig, Germany. About the Publisher three days, internationally renowned ex- pertsfromalmosteveryfieldofdentistrywill update participants on the latest clinical de- velopments and techniques. In addition to the main programme, a number of specialty events are held including the AEEDC Dubai World Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2016 Conference and AEEDC Dubai World Ortho- dontic 2016 Conference. A number of special session are targeted at French-speaking par- ticipants again. Other highlights include the GCC Preventive Dentistry Conference, AEEDC Advanced Specialty Courses, Poster and Oral Poster Presentations, the 7th AEEDC Student Competition with the participation of six universities, the Global Scientific Den- tal Alliance Meeting, as well as the AEEDC Dubai Awards. Boasting such a large offering, Al Madani said that AEEDC Dubai is now considered the premier annual choice for much of the global oralhealthprofessionals. “In1997,wehadavisionofestablishingthe firstleadinginternationaloralhealthplatform toservethecommunityandthedentalprofes- sion in the region,” Al Madani commented. “Year after year, AEEDC Dubai has continu- ously shown outstanding growth and quality in its delivery of education and showcasing technology.” “Our greatest achievement is having AEEDC Dubai ranked number one in the MENASA region and ranked second world- wide.” The first edition of AEEDC took place in 1997 with only 35 exhibitors and 200 visitors. Since then the show has continuously in- creased in size and quality, reflecting the de- velopment of dentistry in the region as a whole. “Without doubt, AEEDC has helped in lift- ing the level of dental care provided in the re- gion.Today,thetechnologiesusedandexperts operatinginthisregionrivalsthoseinotherfar more advanced countries,” AEEDC Scientific ViceChairmanDrMohammedAbedinsaid. A part of the World Dental Exhibitions Alliance,the UAEInternationalDentalConfer- ence and Arab Dental Exhibition is annually under the patronage of his Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and Presi- dentoftheDubaiHealthAuthority.Thisyear’s editiontakesplacefrom2–4February. Dr Abdul Salam Al Madani Swedishoralhygienecom- panyTePe(Booth41)hasan- nouncedthatithasdonated SEK50million(€5.3million) toitsnewlyfoundedEklund Foundation for Odontologi- calResearchandEducation. The foundation will prima- rily distribute funds for re- searchandeducationinoral health and is open for inter- national applications from 1May. The Eklund Foundation for Odontological Research and Education was founded in celebration of TePe’s 50th anniversaryin2015.“We,in the owner family, are very pleased to establish this foundation in line with the vision of good oral health for everyone, which is central to us,” saidTePeCEOJoelEklundontheoccasion. “For50years,TePehashadarewardingcol- laboration with universities, institutes and dental care professionals aroundtheworld.Thefoun- dation is a way for us to show our appreciation and create something that will contribute to knowledge and development within the odontological field for many years to come,” Ek- lundstressed. International applica- tions for funding will be ac- ceptedfrom1to31Mayand awarded in autumn 2016, the company told Dental Tribune.Awebsitedetailing theapplicationprocesswill be launched in March. In the meantime, more in- formation is available at TePe is a privately held company founded in 1965. Headquartered in Malmö, the com- pany has subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, the NetherlandsandtheUK. EklundFoundationforOdontological ResearchandEducation TePe donates SEK50 million to support international research The Eklund Foundation aims to support knowledge and development in the field of dentistry mainly by awarding funds to se- lected research and education projects. Phone +4934148474-302 Fax +4934148474-173

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