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today EAO Stockholm 24 September 2015

news 5EAO Annual Scientific Congress 2015 · 24 September Prof. Sydney: It will be the first timethatdentalcompanieswillbeon the podium together, presenting their best speakers but without the restrictionsofhavingtoidentifythat theyworkforthecompanyetc.After- wards, the companies will be able to debate with each other on a number ofpoints.Wealsoaimtoinitiateanin- teractive exchange between speak- ers and the audience with questions viamicrophoneandsocialnetworks, in order to cover all the questions that may arise. At the end of each small section, the aim is to have achieved a fair and balanced cover- ageoftherespectivesubject. What impact do you hope to have withthisidea? Prof. Sydney: We expect to make news. Up to now, dental com- panies have mostly marketed their productsinawaytheythinkismost appealing to their target customers, but the individual dentist who is go- ing to buy the products, quite frankly, does not have all the in- formation to make a decision. And evenifheorshedoeshaveasenseof direction regarding which implant system to choose, he or she is often not totally sure of the optimum selection. Our concept provides an opportunity to cut through the indecisionanddoubt.Allthecompa- nies sitting up on the podium will have the opportunity to explain why their implant is great and the other companies will be able to join inandexplaintotheaudienceabout theirproduct’sfeatures.Thedentist in the audience will then be able to participate as well to obtain the an- swersthattheyarereallyinterested in, bottom line—what’s best for me? Prof. Labanca: In the long term, wehopetoinitiateanannualmeeting thatwillcoverdifferenttopicsinden- tistry.Therearemanyissuesthatare not so clear and dentists wish to be- comemoreinformedaboutthese. So this is an opportunity for den- tiststoobtainamarket-independ- ent view of a certain product or topicingeneral? Prof. Sydney: Right. Moderators will monitor the scientific level of speakers and the information they provide. Among the criteria for selectingmoderatorsarethattheybe wellrespectedintheirfieldsandwell knownintheacademicworld.Inpar- ticular,theyshouldnotbeconnected inanysignificantmannerwithapar- ticular company. That is the way we qualify them and that is also what draws the companies in. We repre- sent a programme of a uniquely re- markably high level, and this means that when speakers present and say something that might not be evi- dencebasedormayleavesomeques- tions, the moderators, in a polite and non-offensivemanner,willbestepin. Ibelievethiswillmaketheaudience extremelyreceptivetotheresults. Prof. Labanca: We would define ourselves as a sort of supervisor in this project. In many countries, den- tistry is generally a private practice industry. How can a busy and es- pecially non-academic practitioner properlycomparealltheinformation that is available? What we will offer isthescientificallyaccurateinforma- tion in order to help them interpret the efficacy and applicability of the message they receive from compa- nies. You are both dentists. Have you experienced this problem your- selves? Prof. Labanca: Exactly. When I started with implants many years ago, I had this idea to bring the most important companies together to ini- tiate open and honest debate be- tween them. At that time I probably didn’thaveenoughcardstoplay,but nowitisthetime!Therealitydentists are facing today is that companies are approaching them and claiming to have something special and some- thingnew.Thiscouldbetrue,butyou donothavethemeanstocompareor toconfirmwhetheritis.Youcouldtry the products on your patients, but that would not be the right thing to do. Prof. Sydney: Both of us travel quiteabit.MauroandIhaveaglobal understandingofdentists’concerns in many parts of the world. There is universallyacommonsenseoffrus- tration regarding the different im- plant systems. I regard our role as providing a safe, scientifically en- abled and controlled environment for implant companies to proac- tively present the advantages of their systems directly to the end users. Willtherebefollow-updocumen- tationafterthemeeting? Prof. Sydney: The existing con- gress model involves a journal issue that is published afterwards and compiled in such a way that it isrelevantnotonlytotheevent,but also to anybody interested in read- ing about what was discussed and summarised by creating a per- manent and easily-referenced re- source. Prof. Labanca: We are not just trying to look for something differ- ent; we have seen that there is a need for this congress. We want to achieve a high level of academic ac- ceptability, as well as accessibility for the general dentist population. Thatisthebalancethatwehopewill lead to success. Thank you very much for this interview. 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