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today EAO Stockholm 24 September 2015

news4 EAO Annual Scientific Congress 2015 · 24 September With the first World Congress on ControversiesinDentistry(CoDent), Prof. Dov Sydney from USA/Israel and Prof. Mauro Labanca from Italy are aiming to make news by reach- ing current conclusions to ongoing debates in the field through evi- dence-based dentistry, as well as ex- pert opinion and speaker–audience discussions.DentalTribuneInterna- tional had the opportunity to speak with them about their concept, gen- eral information overload in den- tistry and the upcoming launch of CoDent in Barcelona in Spain in 2016. Dental Tribune International: Could you briefly introduce your project? Prof. Dov Sydney: It is called CoDent and it is part of a company called CongressMed, which has developed a model for congresses based on the concept of “Controver- siesin…”. CongressMed’s education is de- voted to addressing controversial medical issues in a debate format. Ourroleistobringtheconcepttothe dental field, and this involves defin- ingthefirsttopic,findingthemoder- ators and generally advancing the project. We thought it good to start withimplantsbecauseitisoneofthe most difficult issues we are faced with as dentists. In this regard, the first congress will address the topic ofcontroversiesindentalimplantol- ogy and will be held in Barcelona from 3 to 5 November 2016. What distinguishes this congress conceptfromothermeetings? Prof. Mauro Labanca: We hope topromoterealdiscussionsandinter- action between practising physi- ciansandresearchersonunresolved pressing clinical issues. We do not want to be a substitute for any other existing meeting. For the first con- gress,wewillbediscussingimplants, butfuturetopicsdonothavetobesur- gicalones.Congressescouldaddress adhesiveandrestorativedentistryor different kinds of treatments in or- thodontics.Wearenotanacademyor a scientific society; we already have so many and we do not want to com- pete with them. We are doing some- thingtotallydifferent. Whatwilltheprogrammecover? Prof. Labanca: Right now, we haveeighttopicmodulesthatwefeel are very interesting and will foster debate,aswellasgreaterknowledge at the end of the meeting, hopefully. Theprogrammesaredesignedtopro- videaneffectiveforumfordebateby allowingampletimeforspeaker–au- dience discussion. There are not go- ing to be long presentations by one single speaker. Instead, we will have veryshortaddressesofabout10to15 minutes during which the speakers will seek to answer a specific ques- tion. The result will be that, after ap- proximately 1.5 hours, the audience willhavehadasummarybysomeof the most important speakers on that topic. Inform yourself about our new products, enjoy free refreshments, and receive an invitation to the CAMLOG Happy Hour! Sign up for the CAMLOG Happy Hour Booth G2 AD “Thereisageneralsenseoffrustrationthroughouttheworld” An interview with CoDent founders Profs.Dov Sydney,USA,and Mauro Labanca,Italy Dental Tribune editors in talks with Prof. Dov Sydney and Prof. Mauro Labanca (from left to right, © DTI). Implant care for every need AD

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