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today EAO Stockholm 24 September 2015

business28 EAO Annual Scientific Congress 2015 · 24 September At the EAO congress in Stock- holm, Henry Schein will present product and service highlights it has integrated into its Connect- Dental offering across Europe within the last few months. With ConnectDental, Henry Schein of- fers a full-service solution that fo- cuses on the digitalisation of den- tistry and the optimum digital workflow between the practice and the laboratory. It includes a variety of components such as an extensive range of products and software, comprehensive serv- ices and profound training for the practice and laboratory team. According to the company, ConnectDental helps to improve the efficiency of the practice and laboratory and enhance the qual- ity of patient care. Here is a brief overview of its power spectrum: – Openarchitectureforindividual solutions – CAD/CAM systems from lead- ing manufacturers serving the entire digital workflow—from digital impression to the fin- ished restoration – Comprehensivetechnologycon- sulting and systems integration by the Henry Schein specialists with many years of CAD/CAM experience – High-performance materials for CAD/CAM manufacturing, such as the comprehensive Zirlux range, including Zirlux FC2® , a highly-translucent zirconia, ex- clusive from Henry Schein – Optimum networking between practice and laboratory – Europeanwide informationand training events around open CAD/CAM solutions and new high-tech materials – Individual consulting, leasing and financing services. During the EAO Scientific Meeting in Stockholm, a wide range of highlight products from scanners, milling machines, abut- ment solutions anduptodatecon- sumablesarounddigitaldentistry will be showcased to demonstrate the new opportunities for high- quality implantology and the open architecture that Henry Schein provides to its customers under the umbrella of Connect- Dental. Especially, the Henry Schein ConnectDental digital so- lutions around the implant work- flow will be in focus: – Individual screw retained abut- ments for all major implant sys- tems produced chairside in the dental office – Implant planning and guided surgery (3-D printed new serv- ice opportunity for dental labs and surgical guides: milled chairside in the dental office) – Individual implant prosthetics lab side: – Digitalimpressionsolutionsand benefits for Implant dentistry – 3-D Printing solutions for den- tistry –, a new e-learning resource with live and recorded webinars, videotutorials,publicationsand coursesarounddigitaldentistry for dental practices and labs. “The increasing demand for digitalsystemsshowsusthatcom- prehensiveservicesarebecoming more and more important. It is no longer only a question of buying a digital products, but of creating the ideal individual solution for an optimum connection of sys- tems, the best possible workflow and a high quality of work,” said Patrick Thurm, Vice President Technology—Global Prosthetics Solutions. “ConnectDental by Henry Schein provides several years of experience, individual consulting, high-class equipment and a wide range of consumables from different well-reputed sup- plier partners, comprehensive services and trainings—a concept that works and enjoys popularity among our customers all over the world.” Henry Schein currently has 190 CAD/CAM and digital special- ists in Europe, as well as 460 spe- ciallytrainedtechnicians.Over50 Henry Schein Dental Information Centres are able to provide indi- vidual advisory service and com- prehensive training with demon- stration programmes adapted to individual requirements. HENRY SCHEIN Booth G17 FUTURE-ORIENTED SOLUTIONS FOR THE IDEAL DIGITAL WORKFLOW BETWEEN DENTAL PRACTICE AND LABORATORY ON DISPLAY BY HENRY SCHEIN At the EAO congress, Finnish manufacturer SOREDEX is pre- senting easy-to-use imaging solu- tions aimed at improving diagnos- tic accuracy and optimising clinic efficiency. Preoperative radi- ographic examination using a CBCT imaging device offers addi- tional diagnostic information for confident surgery and implant planning.SOREDEX’sCRANEX3D product line with 2-D and 3-D im- aging programmes is for implan- tologists and oral surgeons. Dentalimaginghasneverbeen as exciting as it is today, as 3-D im- aging is rapidly changing the way clinicians perform diagnosis and determine subsequent treat- ment. The SOREDEX CRANEX 3D and CRANEX 3Dx systems com- bine conventional 2-D imaging with advanced 3-D imaging. The CRANEX3Dhastwofieldsofview (FOV) suitable for implant plan- ning: 6×4cm for single implants and 6×8cm for full-arch restora- tions. Its big brother, CRANEX 3Dx, has five FOV, of which 5×5, 6×8 and 8×8cm are possibly the mostsuitableforimplantandden- tal surgery planning. Larger FOV (8×15 and 13×15cm) are op- tional. Both units feature, along with high and standard settings, a low- dose programme called Minidose. Minidose3-Dprogrammesarerec- ommended for radiation dose-sen- sitive cases, such as children, for implant planning, sinus imaging, and follow-up imaging, to name just a few applications. A specific endodontic programme ensures detailed diagnostic information forchallengingcases.Theunitsare integrated with OnDemand3D software, with all the required tools for successful surgery plan- ning, including automated arch, nerve marking, implant pick and place,STLalignandimport,aswell as the In2Guide surgical guide module. SOREDEX provides tools and solutions for various procedures, including 2-D intra-oral, pano- ramic and cephalometric imag- ing, as well as advanced 3-D head and neck and ENT imaging. SOREDEX, FINLAND Booth B11 CONFIDENT IMPLANT PLANNING WITH SOREDEX 3-D IMAGING DEVICES Prague Exhibition Grounds Holesovice 8. - 10. 10. 2015 Professional partners Media partners 23rd INTERNATIONAL DENTAL FAIR TOP COM PANIES FROM THE INDUSTRY W ILLBE PRESENT AD The recently launched 2015 version of the digital implant planning and surgical guide so- lution from 3Shape offers sev- eral new features including im- plant workflows for edentulous patients. It also comes with a new two-piece edentulous surgi- cal guide design option in order to create split edentulous surgi- cal guides with two separate connecting pieces. This will im- prove accessibility during sur- gery for the dentist, the com- pany said. The Implant Studio 2015 soft- ware provides flexible tools and workflows to support all major implant planning and treatment scenarios, as well as communi- cations and snapshot tools to seamlessly share images and comments between dental prac- tices and labs. Since it is an open platform, clinicians will have ac- cess to implant libraries from all major implant manufacturers, according to the manufacturer Introduced in 2014, Implant Studio enables dental practices and labs to plan and perform sin- gle to complex implant proce- dures by considering the aes- thetics and intended final restoration as well as the overall clinical situation. Furthermore, dental professionals can design and output surgical drill guides ready for printing or milling thus making surgical drill guides more accessible and af- fordable. Implant Studio does thisbymergingCT/CBCTimages with 3-D impression scans (STL files) from digital intraoral scan- ners such as 3Shape TRIOS, for example. The data sets are then used to create virtual tooth se- tups for prosthetic driven im- plant planning. Data from Implant Studio can then seamlessly be shared with 3Shape’s dental lab solution Dental System for the restora- tive design and milling work- flow steps. “3Shape CAD/CAM solutions are so important because they enable us to work with and have confidence in all different pa- tient data sets. From CBCT and intraoral scans to the clinical sit- uation and restorative produc- tion, 3Shape has met our goal in allowing us to design all cases with consistent data across a to- tally uniform platform,” com- mented Dr Alan Jurim, dentist and dental lab owner, New York, USA. “Implant Studio is the final key to this complete integration and for planning and achieving predictable implant proce- dures.” Implant Studio 2015 is cur- rently available in the EU and several other countries. A re- leaseintheUSmarketwillbean- nounced seperately once avail- able, according to 3Shape. 3SHAPE, DENMARK Booth G10 3SHAPE RELEASES 2015 VERSION OF IMPLANT STUDIO, ADDS NEW FEATURES

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