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today EAO Stockholm 24 September 2015

business24 EAO Annual Scientific Congress 2015 · 24 September A solution for performing os- teotomies through impacted cre- stal access, Osteo Safe from Anthogyr can be used for all indi- cations related to implant site preparationandboneremodelling inthecontextofverticalboneaug- mentation. A pre-calibrated automatic im- paction instrument, it is con- nected to a micromotor and is sim- ple and quick to use owing to the sequence of four osteotomes for the placement of Axiom REG/PX implants. Reproducible and precise, Osteo Safe allows controlled and regulated movement during im- paction. Clinicians can also hold the instrument with just one hand for improved visibility during im- plant surgery. Since it is atrau- matic, it offers improved patient comfortandbettersafety, thecom- pany said. In addition to Osteo Safe, Anthogyr has a number of other instruments and den- tal implants on display at EAO. ANTHOGYR, FRANCE Booth G04 ANTHOGYR PRESENTS FIRST INSTRUMENT FOR AUTOMATIC OSTEOTOME Adressing all problems a clini- cian faces when restoring a single tooth in the posterior, Nobel Bio- care is trying to bring innovation back to the posterior region with its new complete posterior solu- tion. Multiple Nobel Biocare nov- elties combine to make this solu- tion complete, but the foundation for treatment success is the im- plant itself, the company said. Here Nobel Biocare offers several options, each engineered for the specific demands of the posterior. A new variant offers the benefits oftheNobelActivefamilybutwith dimensions ideal for the molar re- gion. The NobelActive WP (wide platform) implant possesses a wider diameter implant body (5.5mm) to better fit the large ex- traction sites in the molar region and a wider implant platform for an optimal emergence profile. NobelActive WP also comes in an option with a shorter body (7mm) to avoid critical anatomical struc- tures such as nerves. Alternatively, clinicians can opt for NobelParallel Conical Con- nection(CC).Combiningaparallel- walled implant body that is well documented with an advanced in- ternal connection, this implant of- fers extraordinary flexibility. It is engineeredforuseinallbonequal- itiesandforawiderangeofindica- tions. The 5.5mm wide platform optionisdesignedforanoptimised emergence profile for large molar sites. Bothnewimplantsalsobenefit from Nobel Biocare’s internal conical connection. This ad- vanced connection’s conical seal and hexagonal interlocking mechanism provide high me- chanical strength. It offers restorative flexibility too, being compatible with Nobel Biocare’s most innovative restorative solu- tions, including those designed specifically for the posterior. TheseincludethenewPEEKHeal- ing and PEEK Temporary Abut- ments, which are anatomically shaped to match the molar con- tours. As the PEEK Abutments come ready-shaped for an opti- mized emergence profile, fewer adjustments are needed. This can simplify treatment and reduce costly chair time. When it comes to the final restoration, the FCZ (full-contour zirconia) Implant Crown is de- signed for strength and pre- dictability even under the high occlusal forces of the posterior. There’s no worrying about chip- ping either, as the full-contour na- ture of the NobelProcera FCZ Im- plant Crown removes the need for veneering. The biocompatibility of the materials used contributes to bio- logical stability in the areas it matters most. Plus, being screw retained, the FCZ Implant Crown is completely cement free, avoid- ing the risks associated with ce- ment excess entirely. Even the ti- tanium adapter is mechanically retained. The ability to use an angulated screw channel (ASC) allows the screw access hole on the FCZ Im- plant Crown to be placed any- where between 0° and 25° in a 360° radius. This means it can be angled towards the front of the mouth for easy access, even in the posterior. It also helps avoid plac- ingtheaccesschannelonthecusp of a tooth, where it could affect oc- clusion. The associated Omnigrip Screwdriver further simplifies work on the restoration. Its effec- tive pick-up function and secure grip on the screw help the clini- cian to work safely and efficiently. Natural-looking tooth color is another benefit offered by the FCZ Implant Crown. Whichever of the eight available shades is used, the colorisappliedthroughoutthema- terial. This means discoloration is- n’t a concern when making adjust- ments. Cutbacks and staining can also be used to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. NOBEL BIOCARE, SWITZERLAND bringinginnovationback Booth DC1 NOBEL INTRODUCES COMPLETE POSTERIOR SOLUTION During the last five decades, TePe has evolved from a small- scale production company into a high-tech manufacturing enter- prise with distribution in 60 countries. Its close relation to the dental profession has been fruitful ever since, re- sulting in a wide range of oral care products such as the TePe Inter- dental Brushes. First in- troduced in 1993, they are now are recognised for their high quality and efficiency world- wide, according to the company. The original series in- cludesninecolourcoded sizes to fit narrow and wider interdental paces but there are also vari- ants with softer fila- ments or an angled brush head and a longer handle. The latest com- plement to the interdental clean- ing range is TePe EasyPick, which is efficient, easy to use and avail- able in two conical sizes that fit most interdental spaces. The as- sortment also includes floss, den- tal sticks and interdental gels, the company said. TePe Munhygienprodukter AB is a family-owned Swedish com- pany. Its history began in 1965 when woodcarver Henning Eklund developed an innovative triangular dental stick in collabo- ration with the School of Dentistry in Malmö. The user-friendly TePe toothbrushwasfirstin- troduced in 1973 and today comes in a vari- ety of models and sizes foradultsandchildren. TePe also offers a unique series of prod- ucts for specific oral hygiene needs, such as careofimplantsandor- thodontic appliances, alongside a range of pedagogic materials, enabling individually tailored education and instruction to patients. Based on the vision of healthy teeth for all throughout life, TePe says to work for raised oral hygiene awareness and prevention of oral disease. All production takes place at the headquarters in Malmö in south- ernSweden.Thecompanyhas250 employees and subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It is cer- tified according to international quality and environment stan- dards,ISO9001and14001.Accord- ing to TePe, all products are clini- cally tested and evaluated to meet the demands of consumers and professionals worldwide. The wide product range is developed incooperationwithdentalexperts to make good oral health possible for everyone. Thanks to the trust TePe has earned from profession- als and consumers, the company claimstobemarketleaderinmany countries. TEPE, SWEDEN Booth S16 TEPE CELEBRATES 50 YEARS OF INTERDENTAL CLEANING

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