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today EAO Stockholm 24 September 2015

science & practice12 EAO Annual Scientific Congress 2015 · 24 September Thursday,24 September 12:30–12:35 Welcome Address Speaker: Björn Klinge 12:35–13:00 Osseointegrationandbraincon- trol prosthesis Speaker: Rickard Brånemark 13:00–14:15 50 years of clinical osseointe- gration—The early contribu- tions and current effectiveness in implant dentistry Per-Ingvar Brånemark concept Speaker: Thomas Albrektsson André Schroeder concept Speaker: Daniel Buser Willy Schulte concept Speaker: Jörg Meyle Effectiveness in implant dentistry Speaker: Jan Derks 14:45–16:15 Tissue reconstruction/regener- ation What the dentist needs to know abouttissuereconstruction/regen- eration Speaker: Luca Cordaro Extractsfromthevideo“Celltocell communication” Speaker: Bernd Stadlinger Regeneration/reconstruction of peri-implant soft tissues Speaker: Thomas Linkevicius Tissue regeneration via the use of L-PRF Speakers: Marc Quirynen & Andy Temmerman 14:45–16:15 Oral Communications Friday,25 September 08:45–10:15 Challenges for implant treat- ment of the ageing population Bisphosphonates—A threat or an option? Speaker: Per Aspenberg No teeth, no money; what to do in the elderly patient? Speaker: Martin Schimmel Minimalnumberofimplantsinthe upper jaw? Speaker: Anja Zembic Minimalnumberofimplantsinthe lower jaw? Speaker: Gerry Raghoebar CAD/CAM, precision of fit The future implant crown—chair- side vs. labside Speaker: Per Vult von Steyern Is ceramic the material of choice for future implants? Speaker: Eric van Dooren CAD/CAM in removable prostho- dontics Speaker: Daniel Wismeijer Oral Communications 10:45–11:15 New cells in old bodies Speaker: Jonas Frisén 11:15–12:30 Consensus conference 2015 13:15–14:45 To learn from complications Maxillary sinus grafting complica- tions and how to avoid them Speaker: Pascal Valentini The surgeon as the complicating factor Speaker: Franck Renouard On the evolution of complications in implant prosthodontics Speaker: Bjarni Pjetursson What have we learned from mucogingival complications? Speaker: Rino Burkhardt What have we learned from imme- diate implant placement and im- mediate restoration? Speaker: Markus Hürzeler Virtual planning, 3-D printing and more The virtual patient: How far away are we? Speaker: Thabo Beeler The origin, present and future of 3-D printing Speaker: Dianne Rekow 3-D printing in maxillofacial sur- gery Speaker: Lawrence E. Brecht 3-D printing in prosthodontics Speakers: Irena Sailer & Vincent Fehmer 13:15–14:45 Oral communications 15:15–16:30 Treatment and outcome chal- lenges The current use of patient cen- tered/reported outcomes in im- plant dentistry Speaker: Jan Cosyn Quality of life in patients undergo- ing bone grafting procedures Speaker: Guido Heydecke Managementofbonedefectsinthe aesthetic zone. Speaker: Dehua Li 15:15–16:30 EAO Junior Committee Discover how to obtain the EAO’s prestigious Certificate in Implant- based therapy Saturday,26 September 08:45–10:15 Successful supportive treat- ment—evidenceforclinicaleffi- cacy Speakers: Hugo De Bruyn, Lisa Heitz Mayfield & Mariano Sanz Imaging (Radiology) in treat- ment planning and follow-up Presurgical imaging in implant treatment: from guidelines to clini- cal use Speaker: Michael Bornstein Radiographicbonequalityaspects in planning implant surgery Speaker: Christina Lindh Do we still need to use Hounsfield scores in presurgical planning? Speaker: Reinhilde Jacobs Creating the virtual patient: How to integrate facial, optical and radi- ological imaging components Speaker: Ali Tahmaseb Invited societies programme Immediate implant placement and restoration in patients with severe periodontal disease (potentially edentulous patients) Speaker: Ye Lin Osseointegration as a foreign body reaction Speaker: Christer Dahlin Brain signalling from teeth and dental implants Speaker: Mats Trulsson Poster presentation competi- tion 10:45–12:15 Periimplantitis Therelevanceofimplantmaterials for periimplantitis Speaker: Andrea Mombelli The patient and the problem awaits Monday morning; what do I do? Speaker: Stefan Renvert Challengesinthetreatmentofperi- implantitis Speaker: Olivier Carcuac A comparison between periodonti- tis and periimplantitis lesions Speaker: Tord Berglundh 13:00–13:30 How to select a Nobel Prize Lau- reateinMedicineorPhysiology Speaker: Urban Lendahl 13:45–15:15 Emerging surgical concepts Do we still need autogenous bone for ridge augmentation or can we use growth factors? Speaker: Ronald Jung Soft tissue grafts out of the box, what can we expect in clinics? Speaker: Otto Zuhr Emerging concepts in maxillofa- cial surgery: indications for graft materials Speaker: Henning Schliephake Thefutureofwoundhealing:canit still be improved? Speaker: Nelson Pinto 15:15–15:30 Closing ceremony Editorial/Administrative Office Dental Tribune International GmbH Holbeinstraße 29, 04229 Leipzig, Germany Phone +49 341 48474-302 Fax +49 341 48474-173 Internet Publisher Torsten Oemus Director of Finance and Controlling Dan Wunderlich Managing Editor Daniel Zimmermann Product Manager Antje Kahnt Production Executive Gernot Meyer Production Matthias Abicht This special edition of today international will appear during the 24th annual congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), Stockholm, 24–26 September, 2015. Themagazineandallarticlesandillustrations therein are protected by copyright. Any utili- sation without prior consent from the editor or publisher is inadmissible and liable to prosecution. No responsibility shall be as- sumedforinformationpublishedaboutasso- ciations, companies and commercial mar- kets. General terms and conditions apply, le- gal venue is Leipzig, Germany. 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