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Worldental Daily Bangkok 2015, 22 September

News Tuesday, 22 September 2015 T he FDI World Dental Federa- tion and dental manufacturer IvoclarVivadentAGarejoining forces in ‘Smile around the world’, a project to promote oral health and prevention among disadvantaged children with limited access to oral health care in Brazil and India. The aim is to raise awareness of oral health in disadvantaged rural and urban communities through cul- tural and educational programmes that directly involve and entertain. The rationale is that good oral hy- gienelearnedatanearlyagewillhelp ensure good oral health throughout the life-course. ‘Smile around the world’ is con- ceived as a participatory project involving dental teams, school- teachers and schoolchildren. Den- tal teams selected by in Brazil by the Brazilian Association of Dental Surgeons (ABCD) or in India by the Indian Dental Association (IDA) will visit schools to raise teachers’ awareness of the importance of oral health and discuss with them how best to implement project compo- nents in a classroom setting. “We are very excited about this project and look forward to launch- ing it in Brazil,” said ABCD Presi- dent Dr Silvio Jorge Cecchetto. “The course materials are great because they tell a serious story but use humour as well—and that is a great way to learn.” “I’m delighted to be involved in this FDI-Ivoclar Vivadent project: It is well thought out and responds to a real need in India,” commented Dr Ashok Dhoble, IDA Hon. Secre- tary General. “We are particularly impressed with the course materi- als, which manage to say a great deal in very few words.” Smile around the world’seeks to positivelyengagethechildrenbyin- volving them in the process through their own creative work so they both understand and participate in the oral health messages. The teacher-training component will en- sure the long-term sustainability of the project. FDI President Dr Tin Chun Wong said: “Prevention throughout the life-course is essential for FDI to achieve its vision of ‘Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health’. This is just the kind of project FDI encourages: working closely with children to teach them good oral hygiene is the best way to put them on the path to lifelong oral health.” “We have a responsibility to work to improve global oral health and we know that patient knowl- edge will form the basis of our mission,” stated Robert A. Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent. More information about the project is available online at around-the-world. Smile around the world FDIandIvoclarVivadentjoinforcesinneworalhealthproject 6 AD IDrTinChunWong IRobertA.Ganley WDD0115_06_WongGanley 11.09.15 15:05 Seite 1 WDD0115_06_WongGanley 11.09.1515:05 Seite 1

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