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Worldental Daily Bangkok 2015, 22 September

F DI and GC Corporation’s new ‘Oral Health for an Ageing Pop- ulation Partnership’ comes at particularly opportune time when go- vernments worldwide are under pres- sure to integrate new demographic trends into policy making, especially in health. For oral health, the issue cameunderintensedebateatthehigh- ly successful World Congress 2015: Dentalcareandoralhealthforhealthy longevity in an ageing society’, held in Tokyo in March this year with the backing of the government of Japan, sponsoredbytheWorldHealthOrgan- ization(WHO)andsupportedbyFDI. The FDI-GC partnership responds to specific items of the declaration from that Congress, notably as regards rais- ing awareness of National Dental As- sociations on oral health for an ageing population,assessing,sharingoutcomes globallyandaddressingissuesatnatio- nalandgloballevelrelatedtothecurrent state of national and regional dental healthcarepolicies—anddevisingsolu- tionstotheidentifiedproblems. Based on the role that a healthy mouth plays in maintaining key func- tions such as ability to chew, nutrition, hence mobility and independence, the FDI–GC partnership will seek to estab- lish the fundamental role of oral health professionals in healthy longevity. It will further study opportunities for improved oral disease prevention and treatment of elderly patients and ac- tively promote awareness of research onoralhealthinanageingpopulations. One of the partnership’s elements will be to organize a conference dedicated to the subject once every two years, withfirstone-daysessionenvisagedin Lucerne,Switzerland,in2016. “Governments around the world are acutely aware of the impact of an ageing population in their public health policy,” commented FDI President Dr Tin Chun Wong.“OurpartnershipwithGCCorpora- tionwillallowustofirmlyplaceageingand oralhealthonthepublicpolicyagenda.” “FDIisanexcellentpartnerforGCto workwithinthisfieldduetoitsrealand potential contribution to health policy making at international level through WHO and at national level through its membernationaldentalassociations,” said GC Chairman Makoto Nakao. “We look forward to excellent and enlight- enedcooperationinthiskeyarea.” More information about the partnership is available online at FDI and GC Corporation collaborate Partnershipannouncesconferencein2016todiscussimprovementfororaldiseasepreventionandtreatmentofelderlypatients NEW D2000 Increase your productivity: Save 4 out of 5 steps with your 3-unit bridge 3SHAPE SCANNERS FOR EVERY NEED THE MARKET’S WIDEST RANGE OF INDICATIONS 3Shape Digital dentistry Contact a 3Shape partner today at NEW STARS IN THE 3SHAPE DIGITAL DENTAL ECOSYSTEM NEW TRIOS® 3 Your all-in-one digital impression solution: Fast & Easy RealColor Scans Shade Measurement Integrated intraoral Camera and HD Photo Meet them all at our booth FDI #A280 + 281 or visit AD Tuesday, 22 September 2015 News WDD0115_05_FdiGc 11.09.15 15:05 Seite 1 WDD0115_05_FdiGc 11.09.1515:05 Seite 1

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