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Worldental Daily Bangkok 2015, 22 September

News Tuesday, 22 September 2015 T he Caries Prevention Partner- ship (CPP) is a new initiative to enhance oral disease pre- vention through effective communi- cation materials and activities re- garding caries education that target dental professionals, patients and the general public. Partnership members are the FDI World Dental Federation and Colgate. OneofthefirstCPPactivitiesisthe FDI Smile Award, which will be given to FDI Regular or Associate members for innovative and sustainable com- munity outreach programmes in their countries.UndertheCPP,anyFDIReg- ular or Associate member can submit theirexistingpreventionoutreachac- tivities for review by an expert panel. A prize amount of US$4,000 will be awarded for the most effective projects. There are two categories: most innovative project and best sustainablecommunityoutreachpro- gramme.Formoredetails,pleasevisit partnership. Project submission is ongoing, with a deadline of 15 November 2015 for all applications. After expert review, the FDI will announce the winners of the FDI Smile Award by theendof2015.Theawardceremony will take place during the FDI 2016 Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) in Poznań in Poland (7–10 September). “Healthy teeth are an asset to everyone. We want caries prevention to be easy, accessible and inexpen- sive: but we need to get the caries prevention message across,” said Dr Marsha Butler, Vice President of Global Oral Care at Colgate-Palm- olive. “What we are rewarding in the Caries Prevention Partnership is the most innovative ways and the ones thathavethemostimpactinthecom- munity.” Dr Alvaro Roda, FDI councillor representing the Asociación Odon- tológica Uruguaya (Uruguayan den- tal association), said: “International consensus on best practice is key to the FDI’s operations. The prize- winning projects will serve as models for future activities in education and prevention.” Other CPP activities include the CPP Caries Management Summit and Workshop, which took place yesterday here at the FDI AWDC in Bangkok. The proceedings will be published at a later date. The CPP will feature a white paper on caries prevention and other planned CPP initiatives, such as an advocacy toolkit, webinars and a dedicated website. More information about the partnership is available online at partnership. 4 In partnership with:Organized by: THANK FOR YOUR SUPPORT! WOHD 2015112 COUNTRIES · 5 CONTINENTS · 1 DAY AD Education for caries prevention: FDI’s new Caries Prevention Partnership ActivitieslaunchedyesterdaywithCariesManagementSummitandWorkshop F rom 22 to 25 September, dental professionals, oral health ex- perts and the dental industry will meet in Bangkok for the FDI 2015 Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC). Already a well-established part of the event, the Dental Tribune Study Club will host its much-antici- pated symposium, which offers a varied continuing education programme dailyduringthecongress. Well-known speakers from various countries, including Sweden, Portu- gal, Germany, Poland and the US, will lecture on the latest concepts and tech- nologies in dentistry and offer the audience an op- portunity to discuss such topics as digital dentistry, implantology and 3-D im- aging. The certified CME lectures enable partici- pants to earn continuing education credits. On the first day of the congress,DrJanPaulicsfromSweden will discuss all aspects of the digital dental practice, from intra-oral scan- ning to design and production. US speaker Dr Sammy Noumbissi, the founderoftheInternationalAcademy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOCI), will lecture on the rationale, clinical out- comes and applications of zirconia bioceramics in dental implantology. One of the lecturers on Wednes- day will be Sabine Nahme, CEO of theInternationalConeBeamInstitute (ICBI), who will elaborate on different 3-D imaging solutions and how to determine the one most suitable for each dentist’s individual needs. On Thursday, Dr Przemysław Grodecki from Poland will discuss new digital options for dental pho- tography, and Portuguese dentist Dr Ricardo Faria Almeida will explain how to treat soft-tissue recession around dental implants. The lectures run hourly from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and can be at- tended free of charge at the DT Study Club booth, B077, from Tuesday, 22September,untilThursday,24Sep- tember. The complete programme can be downloaded here. The symposium is supported by dental manufacturers SHOFU and 3Shape, the medical fashion label CROIXTURE, as well as by the IAOCI and ICBI. DT Study Club Symposium ContinuingeducationpresenteddailyatFDI2015AWDC IThe CPP will feature a white paper on caries prevention and other planned CPPinitiatives,suchasanadvocacytoolkit,webinarsandadedicatedwebsite. IDTStudyClubSymposiumatlastyear’sFDIAnnual WorldDentalCongressinIndia.©DTI WDD0115_04_News 21.09.15 13:44 Seite 1 WDD0115_04_News 21.09.1513:44 Seite 1

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