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Worldental Daily Bangkok 2015, 22 September

Business Tuesday, 22 September 2015 20 I At the FDI Annual World Dental Congress, SOREDEX, a Finnish manufacturer of high-quality im- aging products, is presenting easy-to-use solutions aimed at improving patient care and clinic efficiency. With its CRANEX 3Dx three-in-one imaging system, SOREDEX is now able to offer a 2-D or 3-D imaging solution for a wide variety of diagnostic tasks in the dento-maxillofacial, head and neck, and ENT regions. 3-D imaging is fast becoming indis- pensible in diagnostic work. SOREDEX is showcasing its most advanced CRANEX extra- oral imaging device to date. The CRANEX 3Dx system combines panoramic and cephalometric im- aging with advanced CBCT imag- ing. It features five fields of view (from 5 × 5 cm to 13 × 15 cm) with a selection of resolutions, includ- inghigh,standardandalow-dose programme called Minidose. Minidose 3-D programmes are recommended for radiation dose- sensitive cases, such as children, for implant planning, sinus imag- ing, and follow-up imaging, to name just a few applications. In addition, CRANEX 3Dx provides a specific endodontic programme, ensuring accuracy and detailed diagnostic information for chal- lenging cases. At Booth A286, SOREDEX is also exhibiting CRANEX Novus e, a 2-D digital panoramic unit with a new sectional panoramic pro- gramme. Moreover, congress at- tendees can view the MINRAY intra-oral radiographic unit and well-known DIGORA product fam- ilyatthebooth.Launchedin1994, DIGORA was the world’s first intra-oral imaging plate read-out system. DIGORA, which comes in two models, continues to be the industry benchmark. Dentalimaginghasneverbeen as exciting as it is today, and 3-D imaging is rapidly changing the way clinicians perform diagnosis and determine subsequent treat- ment. More information about diagnostic imaging and optimis- ing the imaging workflow can be found at SOREDEX, FINLAND Booth A286 I Based in Cologne in Germany, Adentatec is a global provider of non- precious dental alloys on cobalt-chrome and nickel-chrome base, as wellasCAD/CAMdiscson cobalt-chrome and tita- nium base. Its SYSTEM SOFT-BLANK is a nickel- andberyllium-freecobalt/ chrome disc for use in CAD/CAM processes.Furthermore,itissuitable for soldering. SYSTEM SOFT-BLANK is espe- cially soft, good tensile and homo- geneous owing to special heat treat- ment and features high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. According to the company, it is avail- ableinmanydiametersandmeasure- ments, for almost every type of ma- chines. Establishedin1997,Adentatecof- fers a high-quality range of products for dental laboratories. All medical devices distributed by the company are exclusively pro- duced in Germany and are certified to the highest standards (CE marking and US Food and Drug Adminis- tration), as it is committed to the strict implementation of the quality and process requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 for its entire manufacturing pro- cess. ADENTATEC, GERMANY Booth A64 Soredex: Righttools forthejob AD WholerangeoflaboratoryproductsondisplaybyAdentatec WDD0115_20_PR 11.09.15 15:10 Seite 1 WDD0115_20_PR 11.09.1515:10 Seite 1

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