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Worldental Daily Bangkok 2015, 22 September

News Tuesday, 22 September 2015 T henextphaseofthepartnership between the FDI World Dental Federation and dental consum- ables manufacturer Unilever will run until the end of 2016 under the ban- ner of Brush Day and Night.The focus continues to be on educating children about the importance of brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste to maintain good oral health. In ad- dition, a key objective will be to em- power children to become advocates for improving oral health. By sharing theirknowledge,childrencanengage their parents or guardians so they too becomemoreawareoftheimportance oftoothbrushingandfluoride. Brush Day and Night grants will supportprogrammestargetingschool- children in Chile, Greece, Indonesia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey and Vietnam, with several schools envis- agedperproject.Inaddition,thepart- nership’s global team will continue to work with other national dental asso- ciations on World Oral Health Day events and activities in 2016. “The partnership uses a novel yet realistic approach, based on family interaction as a key element in edu- cating both adults and children aboutoralhealth,”saidFDIPresident Dr Tin Chun Wong. “This will have a favourable impact on the long-term sustainability of the messages and resulting impact on oral health.” “We know that tooth decay and its consequences affect the majority of children and adults around the world, but this is preventable. With Brush Day and Night, we aim to en- courage better tooth brushing habits for the whole family, to improve oral health. Our determination comes from Unilever’s commitment to help- ing more than a billion people to improve their health and hygiene, as part of the Unilever Sustain- able Living Plan,” said Marie-Anne Aymerich, Senior Vice President of Global Oral Care at Unilever. The FDI–Unilever partnership has been a resounding success to date, enablingthevisionofafocused,global oral health promotion programme to become reality, with individual proj- ects adapted locally for lasting impact in their communities. Brush Day and Nightbuildsonthestrongfoundations of Phase I (2005–2009) and Phase II (2010–2013), which were known as Live.Learn.Laugh. UnderPhaseII,forexample,29proj- ectsimplementedacross27countries saw our “brush twice daily with a fluo- ride toothpaste” message reach more than 41,000 people directly; including over 33,000 children. This is partic- ularly encouraging given the impor- tance of establishing effective oral hygiene behaviour early in life for im- provedoralhealthoveralifetime. More information is available online at fdi-at-work/fdi-unilever-brush-day- night-partnership. BrushDayandNighttargetsoralhealthofchildren FDI–UnileverpartnershipmovesintoPhaseIII S ince 2013, World Oral Health Day (WOHD) has sought to spread the key message of good oral health being relevant to general health among the pub- lic worldwide. The new campaign, launched this morning at the National Liaison Officers’ Forum here at the FDI Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) in Bangkok, will offer more tools and applications thanevertohelpdentalassociations around the world to promote this im- portantevent,FDIExecutiveDirector Enzo Bondioni said. In addition to the customisable poster application first introduced in February, this year’s campaign will be supported by a promotional video featuring individually recorded messages from dental professionals aroundtheworldexplainingwhythey think good oral health is important. For this, attendees of the AWDC in Bangkok are invited to visit the WOHD stand on the second floor in the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre to have their mes- sage recorded. Individual messages can also be sent to the organisation via e-mail. The best of these will be included in the final product. Furthermore, a smartphone game is in development that will be avail- ableforiPhoneandAndroidplatforms later this year, Bondioni said. Originally held in September, WOHD is now celebrated on 20 March every year. In addition to public awareness campaigns and sponsored oral health-related events, the FDI’s member national dental associations, schools, companies and other groups worldwide ce- lebrate the day with individually organised events to inform people everywhere in the world about oral health issues and the importance of oral hygiene. Last year saw over 100 countries around the world par- ticipatingintheeffort.Asahighlight, the campaign’s key message was broadcast to the world via the giant NASDAQ screen in Times Square in New York in the US. More information about WOHD is available online at www.worldoral 2 The Oral Health Atlas SECOND EDITION A CALL FOR GLOBAL ACTION CHALLENGE ORAL DISEASE The of “Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life.” WHO fact sheet on oral health, 2012 AD IFDIExecutiveDirectorEnzoBondioni. FDIlaunches2016 WorldOralHealthDay campaigninBangkok WDD0115_01-02_Title 21.09.15 13:41 Seite 2 WDD0115_01-02_Title 21.09.1513:41 Seite 2

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