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Worldental Daily Bangkok 2015, 22 September

Business Tuesday, 22 September 2015 16 IProtection against infection is a number one priority for dental sur- geries. Every procedure involves the hazards of microbial contami- nation and its potential risk of in- fection for both patients and staff. There can thus be no compromise when it comes to hygiene. Complete surgery hygiene en- compasses systematic instrument preparation, fastidious hand and surfacedisinfection,aswellascom- prehensive cleaning and disinfec- tion of water-conveyance systems. But it is no secret that “to err is human”, which includes dental surgeries. The wrong disinfectant, an insufficient application time for hand disinfectants, and biofilm in suction units—hygiene mistakes can be extremely serious. For this reason, Dürr Dental has colour coded its preparations with a spe- cial four-colour system to provide users with greater clarity. It conveniently classifies over 30 products into their area of ap- plication: green for surfaces, blue for instruments, yellow for special areas and suction units, and pink for skin and hands. Dürr Dental con- centrate for instrument disinfection ID 213 or drill disinfec- tion ID 220, for ex- ample, are coded with the colour blue. Both prep- arations are bac- tericidal,tubercu- locidal,fungicidal and fully viruci- dal against enve- loped and non- envelopedviruses. They meet all re- quirements of the Robert Koch Insti- tute. Pink is for hand disinfection and fea- tures products such as the rub-in preparation HD 410. Application time for hygienic disinfection is cut in half from 30 to 15 seconds, and sur- gical hand disinfection requires only 1.5minutesasopposedtothenormal 5 minutes. It is also moisturising and gentle on skin, the company said. GreenistheDürrSystem Hygiene colour for disinfec- tion of contaminated surfaces. ThewipedisinfectantFD322boastsa 15-second application time, and fully virucidal quick disinfectant FD 333 an application time of one minute. Preparations such as FD 366 sensi- tive, in combination with imitation leathercleanerFD360helpingtopre- vent brittle and cracked surfaces, are suitedtothegentledisinfectionofim- itation leather. FD 300 (full virucidal) andFD312havebeentriedandtested for floor disinfection and cleaning. Disinfection and cleaning products in the fourth, yellow- coded speciality area, re- move pathogens from suction units. Their active ingredients have been tested precisely for effective- ness in this area of application. The foam-free liquid concentrate Orotol plus with long-term effect is suited tosimultaneousdisinfection,clean- ing,deodorisingandcareofsuction units and amalgam separators. Owing to its bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and limited virucidal properties, it reliably dissolves and disinfects biofilm and helps pre- vent clogging of blood and pro- teins. Its mate- rial compatibility also makes it gentle on system parts and it com- bines well with the MD 555 cleaner, a foam-free cleaning concentrate. DÜRR DENTAL, GERMANY Booth A68 IAdressing all problems a clinician faces when restoring a single tooth in the posterior, Nobel Biocare is trying to bring innovation back to the posterior region with its new completeposteriorsolution. MultipleNobelBiocarenov- elties combine to make this solution complete, but the foundation for treatment successistheimplantitself, the company said. Here NobelBiocareoffersseveral options, each engineered for the specific demands of the posterior. A new variant offers the benefits of the NobelActivefamilybutwith dimensions ideal for the molar region. The Nobel- Active WP (wide platform) implant possesses a wi- der diameter implant body (5.5mm)tobetterfitthelarge extraction sites in the molar region and a wider implant platform for an optimal emergence profile. NobelActiveWPalsocomesinan optionwithashorterbody(7mm)to avoid critical anatomical structures such as nerves. Alternatively, clinicians can opt for NobelParallel Conical Connection (CC). Combining a parallel-walled im- plant body that is well documented with an advanced internal connec- tion,thisimplantoffersextraordinary flexibility. It is engineered for use in allbonequalitiesandforawiderange of indications. The 5.5mm wide platform option is designed for an optimised emer- gence profile for large molar sites. Both new implants also benefit from Nobel Biocare’s internal conical connection. This advanced connec- tion’s conical seal and hexagonal in- terlocking mechanism provide high mechanicalstrength.Itoffersrestora- tive flexibility too, being compatible with Nobel Biocare’s most innova- tive restorative solutions, including those designed specifically for the posterior. These include the new PEEK Healing and PEEK Temporary Abutments, which are anatomically shaped to match the molar contours. As the PEEK Abutments come ready- shaped for an optimized emergence profile,feweradjustmentsareneeded. This can simplify treatment and re- duce costly chair time. When it comes to the final restoration, the FCZ (full-contour zirconia) Im- plant Crown is designed for strength and pre- dictability even under the high occlusal forces of the posterior. There’s no worrying about chipping either, as the full-contour natureoftheNobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown re- moves the need for ve- neering. The biocompatibility of the materials used con- tributes to biological stability in the areas it matters most. Plus, being screw retained, the FCZ Implant Crown is completely cement free, avoiding the risks associated with cement excess entirely. Even the titanium adapter is mechanically retained. The ability to use an angulated screw channel (ASC) allows the screw access hole on the FCZ Im- plant Crown to be placed anywhere between0°and25°ina360°radius. Thismeansitcanbeangledtowards the front of the mouth for easy ac- cess, even in the posterior. It also helpsavoidplacingtheaccesschan- nel on the cusp of a tooth, where it could affect occlusion. The associ- ated Omnigrip Screwdriver further simplifies work on the restoration. Itseffectivepick-upfunctionandse- curegriponthescrewhelptheclini- cian to work safely and efficiently. Natural-looking tooth color is another benefit offered by the FCZ Implant Crown. Whichever of the eight available shades is used, the color is applied throughout the material. This means discoloration isn’taconcernwhenmakingadjust- ments. Cutbacks and staining can also be used to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. NOBELBIOCARE, SWITZERLAND bringinginnovationback Booth A211 Nobelintroducescompleteposteriorsolution SystemhygienefromDürrDentalforoptimumprotectionagainstinfection IThe3ShapeDentalAdvisoryBoard met in Copenhagen recently to ex- amine ways for innovating the digi- tal dentistry workflow, and in turn, improving patient care. The board made digital workflow-optimisa- tion and its impact on patient care its theme for the second annual meeting of the group. The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board comprises fourteen dentists and one dental lab owner. Board members are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, SouthKorea,Spain,Switzerland,and the USA. The group met at 3Shape headquarters in Copenhagen, Den- mark on August 27-28. Leading digi- tal dentistry advocate and practi- tioner Dr Jonathan Ferencz from the USA chaired the two-day meeting. “Last year, many of the advisory board members told me that the two-day meeting was the highlight of their careers. I think we topped that atthisyear’smeeting.Therewassuch a strong feeling of intellectual stimu- lation and comradery in being a part ofthenext“Apple”sotospeak,“said Ferencz. “For a board member, it’s veryrewardingtoknowthatyouhave a real influence on how products gets delivered to the end-user and that youarehelpingtoshapethefutureof patient care.” FlemmingThorup,CEOfor3Shape, said:“3Shape’sgoalistoimprovepa- tient care. To do so, we need to make theworkflowfordentalprofessionals more efficient. That means making the digital workflow the first choice forallpractitionersbecauseofitsreli- ability, predictability, and increased comfort for the patient.” He added: “The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board brings together ex- perts from every continent. Each with their own way of working. But each shares the collective goal for improv- ing patient care. And because of that, this year’s meeting was a huge suc- cess.Theclinicalskillsofparticipants were not in focus. The members cameinstead,loadedwithrealprac- tice challenges and needs. Their sleeves rolled up. As a result, together we were able to identify many innovative steps to improving patient care and in turn, tremendous opportunities for 3Shape.” 3SHAPE, DENMARK Booth A280 Patientcareanddigitalworkflowinfocusof3Shapeadvisoryboardmeeting WDD0115_16_PR 11.09.15 15:09 Seite 1 WDD0115_16_PR 11.09.1515:09 Seite 1

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