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today Chicago Midwinter Meeting Feb. 26

By Javier de Pison, today Staff n Last year, Microdent Implant Sys- tem introduced Ektos, its first univer- sal internal connection implant. Recognized worldwide for devel- oping the first bone expanders and implants, such as the Genius, the main advantages of using Microdent implants include the company’s long background as a manufacturer and its firm commitment to quality. Microdent Director of Production, Research and Development Joan Muñoz says the company has 25 years of manufacturing experience “backed by evidence that proves the main features of our implants: great osseointegration and very long durability.” Microdent’s R&D director adds that the company’s implants have a unique, distinctive design. “They are manufactured with extreme precision to ensure the best possible function,” he explains, “but what makes Microdent unique in the market is our special thread design, which provides great self- tapping capacity and large contact surface with bone for the best pos- sible osseointegration.” Muñoz says quality has always been Microdent’s top priority. Asked what differentiates Microdent from the competition, he provided a list of innovations developed by the com- pany. • Ektos Implants: Microdent’s new universal internal connection implant prevents rotational move- ment and creates a conical coupling area between the implant and pros- thesis that provides the most effec- tive connection sealing. • Genius Implants: An internal connection implant with hexagonal ribbed cone that allows for perfect sealing of the implant-prosthesis junction in a monoblock. The Genius’ emerging cone design provides a sur- face area for biological growth, which reduces gingival retraction. • Microdent External Connection Implant: An implant system more robust and resilient than the univer- sal external connection, which offers the same type of connection for pros- thetic restorations. • Atraumatic expanders: Micro- dent’s bone expanders provided oral implantology with an important tech- nological innovation, a global refer- ence product that is a must for any implant professional. This practical and simple instrument avoids surgi- cal trauma and, because it works pro- gressively, allows effective control of the expansion process. • Cortical Fix: Like the expanders, the Cortical Fix is also an important technological innovation in the oral implants field that allows the use of a minimally invasive sinus lift, atrau- matic technique. Microdent has launched an inter- national marketing campaign to expand its operations in the United States, Latin America and the Middle East. “We have launched an advertising campaign in print and online,” Muñoz said. “And will be providing free online implant courses through the Dental Tribune Study Club to show the quality and advantages of Micro- dent Implant System.” For more information, please visit exhibitors8 Chicago Midwinter Meeting — February 26, 2015 Microdent introduces its first universal connection implant Here in Chicago For more information and to see Micro- dent’s array of products, stop by the booth or go online to www.microdent Company launches international marketing campaign to expand operations in the United States, Latin America and the Middle East 5 Microdent Director of Production, Research and Development Joan Muñoz at Microdent’s manufacturing plant. (Photo/Javier Pison, today Staff) 5 Ektos is Microdent’s first universal internal connection implant. (Photo/Provided by Microdent)

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