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today Chicago Midwinter Meeting Feb. 26

By NTI-Kahla Staff n The tried and tested conical Fiber- Master glass fiber posts are amended with a separate head. For the first time, the head ensures secure fixation of temporary pros- theses. Repeat endodontic treatment withsimultaneousstabilizationofthe tooth is now possible. The head posts feature a two-tier design. Because this post restoration is inserted two-thirds into the prepared tooth, the risk of breakage compared to simple glass fiber posts is signifi- cantly reduced. The heads can be positioned according to the specific length of the posts. This allows the post length in the root to be fully utilized without having to compromise in terms of head stability. 65 percent of the length of the two- tier head is adhered in the dentin. The axial and lateral masticatory force that occurs is thus completely trans- ferred to the prepared tooth. The risk of breakage, particularly in posts without a head, is almost completely eliminated. The head can also be used without a post. As such, it is now possible for the very first time to securely fix a temporary prosthesis before endo- dontic treatment has been concluded, even with heavily damaged teeth. The hole in the TopHead enables fur- ther endodontic treatment to be per- formed without losing the retention strength of the temporary prosthesis. exhibitors34 Chicago Midwinter Meeting — February 26, 2015 FiberMaster TopHead: A revolution in glass fiber post technology Ad Here in Chicago For more information on FiberMaster TopHead, stop by the NTI-Kahla booth, No. 728. 5 The FiberMaster TopHead features a two-tier design. 5 The FiberMaster TopHead (Photos/Provided by NTI-Kahla)

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