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today Chicago Midwinter Meeting Feb. 26

exhibitors28 Chicago Midwinter Meeting — February 26, 2015 Ad Showcasing CariVu: A new approach to caries detection By DEXIS Staff n The new CariVu™ , a compact, port- able caries detection device, prom- ises to create quite a buzz here at the 150th Chicago Midwinter Meeting. IfyouhaveyettostopbytheDEXIS booth, No. 1208, to see this new prod- uct, then you owe itto yourself to take a look today. DEXIS CariVu uses unique, pat- ented transillumination technology to provide the ability to easily detect a range of carious lesions (occlusal, interproximal,recurrent)andcracks. This new system employs near- infraredlight,which,inimages,turns the natural tooth transparent and the caries dark, similar to radiographs, thus making it a view that is familiar to clinicians. Not only are CariVu images easy to read and understand, they are cap- tured and stored with the patient’s Here in Chicago To see the CariVu for yourself, and maybe try it out as well, stop by the DEXIS booth, No. 1208. Tell us what you think! Doyouhavegeneralcommentsorcriti- cism you would like to share? Is there a particular topic you would like to see articles about in today? Let us know by emailing feedback@dental-tribune. com. 5 The CariVu detection device. (Photo/Provided by DEXIS) other images in the DEXIS software. Because all intraoral X-rays, cam- era and CariVu images for the select tooth appear side-by-side, the clini- cian can quickly compare them to make a diagnosis and decide on a course of treatment. These images can also be shared with patients so they may better understand the need for preventive or restorative care. The technology behind CariVu offers an advantage in diagnosis of caries over systems that rely on fluo- rescence reactions, which are typi- cally denoted by colors or numeric values. In laboratory testing, this new transillumination device showed the view of the lesions on the images cor- related well with their actual physical conditions. With CariVu, the dentist therefore gains a more accurate view of the actual carious lesion’s shape and size, not just an indication of the presence of decay. Be sure to get your hands on CariVu in the DEXIS booth, No. 1208.

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