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today Chicago Midwinter Meeting Feb. 26

By Shofu Staff n Very few composites on the mar- ket are able to boast positive results at eight years. In the case of Shofu’s composite, Beautifil, data from an ongoing 13-year study performed by theUniversityofFloridawasrecently published in the Journal of the Ameri- can Dental Association. After 13 years, 61 percent of res- torations were retained. Out of the retained restorations, 48 percent observed no changes according to the modified USPHS criteria. Only two out of the 41 restorations recalled at 13 years noted incidents of secondary caries. No secondary caries had been noted at the eight-year endpoint. The study conducted by Gordan et al. postulated that these over- all positive results may be directly attributable to the unique giomer chemistry found in Beautifil II. The term “giomer” refers to Shofu’s pro- prietary surface pre-reacted glass (S-PRG) filler particles, shown in vari- ous studies to release six ions: fluo- ride, sodium, strontium, aluminum, silicate and borate, all with known bioactive properties. Unlike glass ionomers and com- pomers, which require water absorp- tion following photocure to release fluoride, giomers undergo an acid base reaction during manufacturing. This process protects the filler from moisture for long-term strength and durability, while still allowing fluo- ride rechargability from household dental hygiene products. Inadditiontothebioactivebenefits associated with the giomer chemis- try, Beautifil II, the latest generation of the Beautifil line, offers a host of other features: • Predictable esthetics: Beautifil II was developed to simulate the inter- nal structure of natural teeth with ideal light transmission and optical characteristics. • Versatility: Excellent natural shade reproduction can be achieved with a chameleon effect, using a single shade that blends well with surrounding teeth, making the res- toration undetectable. In esthetically demanding cases, additional shades can be used to achieve exceptional results. • Handling characteristics: The handling characteristics were achieved with the inclusion of nano particles, making Beautifil II a user- friendlymaterialthatiseasytosculpt with no slump, is non-sticky and wets the preparation well with good thixo- tropic qualities. • Optimum polishability: In addi- tion to the S-PRG fillers, discrete nano fillers have been included in the filler structure of Beautifil II to obtain a filler load of 83 percent for fast and easy polishing with an outstanding surface luster that retains over time. (In the eight-year study, 95 percent of luster retained.) •Anti-plaqueeffect:Onthesurface of a tooth restored using Beautifil II, a “material film” layer is formed by saliva that is reported to minimize plaque adhesion and inhibit bacterial colonization. Although this “material film” layer may be removed by brush- ing, subsequent layers are repro- duced by saliva. Therefore, S-PRG filler has a function of inhibiting plaque accumulation. As a special incentive, clinicians who purchase Beautifil II at the Chi- cago Midwinter Meeting will receive acomplimentarySuper-SnapX-Treme MiniKitandtwoT&FDiamondHybrid points. Stop by booth No. 2411 today! exhibitors10 Chicago Midwinter Meeting — February 26, 2015 Study proves benefits of using Beautifil Ad Here in Chicago Visit Shofu booth No. 2411 to purchase Beautifil II and receive a complimen- tary Super-Snap X-Treme Mini Kit and two T&F Diamond Hybrid points. You can also find the composite available online at For more information, contact Shofu Dental at (800) 827-4638. 5 A 13-year posterior restoration using Shofu’s Beautifil composite. (Photo/ Provided by Shofu)

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