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KKG today suppplement IDS 2015 14 March

interview 05IDS 2015 – 14. März 14 March Highlighting the latest from KaVo instruments: MASTERmatic and MASTERtorque Mini n In this interview with Andreas Than- ner and Thomas Birk, Senior Product Managers at KaVo, get into some of the details behind the MASTERmatic release and its importance to the overall hand- piece category. KaVo is introducing the MASTERmatic series at the 2015 International Dental Show. Why is this a meaningful launch for KaVo? With the launch of the new MASTERmatic series, KaVo will cement its role as the leading innovator in the premium segment. The MASTERmatic series has a new design and new product featuresandwill—after12years—replace the premium GENTLEpower series. What is the most significant improve- ment to the MASTERmatic series? Without a doubt, the head size reduc- tion of the speed-increasing instrument MASTERmatic M25 L is our most impor- tantachievement.Afterhundredsofinter- views with dentists all over the world, headsizewasthemostmentionedproduct feature. We were able to reduce the head vol- ume, which means head height and head shape, by 20 per cent, and with the combi- nation of the KaVo exclusive 100-degree head angle and the triple gear system, we’ve improved tremendously the access and view of the treatment field. In addition, we added the speed- increasing instrument MASTERmatic M05L Mini to the series with an even 43 per cent smaller head by volume. This is specially designed for short shaft burs, so if the dentist is facing a situation where not enough space is available such as for treating paediatric or elderly patients this is the instrument to use. What are the other new features? MASTERmatic instruments belong to the Master series, which makes them the pinnacle of innovation. One valuable new feature is the changeable water filter, which gives the dentist the abil- 5 Der MASTERtorque Mini hat ein sehr kleines Kopfmaß und eine gesteigerte Leistung. Deshalb gibt es genug Leistung, um mit der Mini-Turbine alle Standard- präparationen zu bearbeiten. Mit dieser neuen Mini-Turbine befinden wir uns auf einem Kraftlevel, das mit Standardköpfen vor zwei bis drei Jahren erreicht wurde. Der Mini-Kopf ermöglicht das Arbeiten mit Miniaturbohrern um die Arbeitshöhe insgesamt zu reduzieren. Beim Arbeiten mit einer Standardbohrerlänge ist die Sicht viel besser als mit Standardköpfen. Er ermöglicht eine viel bessere Sicht auf die Präparation und mehr Sicherheit, um so minimalinvasiv wie möglich zu arbeiten. 5 The MASTERtorque Mini has very small head dimensions and increased power, so there is enough power to work with the Mini turbine in all standard preparations. It is now at a power level that KaVo had two years ago with the standard heads. The Mini head allows working with miniature burs to reduce the complete working height. When working with standard bur length, the view is much better compared to the standard head. It will give a much better sight to the preparation area and more safety to work as minimally invasive as possible. ity to change the clocked water filter easily by him or herself. Therefore, the instrument doesn’t need to be sent in for repair and the dentist has zero instru- ment downtime. It is also the only speed- increasing instrument in the market with a triple gear system, delivering a smooth and vibration-free performance. Some users will notice that we adapted the MASTERmaticdesigntothewell-received MASTERtorqueturbine,introducedatthe last IDS. What else makes KaVo the leading inno- vator for dental handpieces? Over the years, KaVo has registered over 2,200 patents. Our ideas come directly from listening closely to cus- tomerneeds.Forexample,thecarbidebur guide for speed increasing instruments guidesthedentalbursandguaranteesthe best concentricity and durability, espe- ciallyduringcrownorbridgecutting.The bur guide got assembled in over 1 million instruments, so this proves that our cus- tomers appreciate such unique features. Maintenance requirements for dental handpieces are getting stricter. How does this affect KaVo instruments? We are very well prepared. For years, KaVohasupheldaveryhighinternalstan- dard. Internal tests are up to four times longer than required. The well-known KaVoPlasmateccoatingguaranteesexcel- lent hygiene and a perfect grip, even after years of use. What is the Direct Stop System? The DST is an active brake system that stops the bur within 1 second. This is a major safety feature to secure that there is no rotating bur, when the dentist removes the turbine from the mouth or when they want to change the bur very fast. Anotherbigadvantageisthatwhenthe patientmakesafastmovement,theriskof contactingthecheekwiththerotatingbur is significantly reduced. With this safety feature there is no need to avoid working with a turbine and the dentist can get the full advantages of a light turbine and the special haptic advantages. A further technical point is that the DST stops the suck back of aerosols into the turbine. 5 Der MASTERtorque Mini 5 The MASTERtorque Mini  Der MASTERmatic M25L.  The MASTERmatic M25L.

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