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KKG today supplement IDS 2015 13 March

business 07IDS 2015 – 13. März 13 March variety of procedures and shared with referring doctors. Patients can benefit from 3-D scans as well as traditional 2-D radiography. When an X-ray is needed, I can acquire a traditional pan or a low- radiation dose scan from the i-CAT FLX. Thepanviewcanbepulledfromthe3-D scan. The scan data is extremely valuable when planning for surgical extractions. If we see a sign of caries, we can take an individualbitewingorperiapicalwithour DEXIS Platinum sensor. This intra-oral digital imaging is also useful intra-surgi- cally when placing implants. As a prosthodontist and an implanto- logist, I have found the anatomical infor- mation from a 3-D scan helps me place implants more accurately and efficiently. With the 3-D view, I can achieve a grea- ter understanding of the shape, width, and height of the bone and surrounding structures prior to surgery. Tx STUDIO softwarethatcomeswithani-CATsystem gives me access to integrated treatment tools for implant planning and the ability to integrate use of surgical guides. This significantly reduces the time it takes to place the implant, and this trans- lates into less overall discomfort and less healing time for the patient. With orthodontist-prosthodontist Dr Ibrahim, I can preplan potential implant sites during orthodontic treatment and capture all of our initial imaging needs in a single scan, with accurate 3-D views of the teeth, roots, TMJ, airway, and sinuses. Dr Ibrahim can evaluate tooth position andseeimpactedteethandsupernumera- rieswhileIexploretheneedforbonegraf- ting. During the combination of implant and orthodontic treatment, she can move teeth to the appropriate position, and by the time orthodontic phase is complete, the bone graft is ready for the implant area. Once implants are placed, we can capture a low-dose QuickScan+, a setting that gives us a full-dentition 3-D scan at a lower dose than a panoramic X-ray*, to check if the teeth have moved into proper position in the bone. From a highly visual 3-D scan, patients canseewheretheteethmustmove,where we will position the implants, and how all the treatment will turn our plans into reality. *Data on file with i-CAT Von Sierra Rendon, DTI Die meisten Ärzte sind sich einig, dass die Beobachtung, wie neue Metho- den ausgeführt werden, ein wichtiger Beitrag zum Verständnis ist. Die KaVo Kerr Group bietet dazu den Teilnehmern live auf der Büehne eine Menge verschiedener Themen und Methoden an, um etwas Neues zu erfa- hren. Die 45-minütigen Veranstaltun- gen finden von heute bis Samstag in Halle 10.1 statt. Einige der heutigen Themen umfas- sen: • „Mehr Zeit für wichtige Dinge“, mit Schwerpunkt auf die erfolgreiche Anwendung von diagnostischen, vor- beugenden und minimalinvasiven Konzepten. • „Nur meine Frau nutzt noch Puder“, ein Schnellkurs zum Verstehen von modernem IO-Scanning für präzise Restauration in der Praxis. • „3-D-Implantation ohne Lernkurve?“, wie man eine einfache, billige – und am wichtigsten – sichere Lösung verwendetumerfolgreicheundästhe- tische Ergebnisse bei Implantaten zu erzielen. • „DieneueFreiheitbeiObturation“,mit Fokus auf schnurlose Geräte: intuitiv und leicht anzuwenden mit sicheren Ergebnissen. Kommen Sie am Stand vorbei (oder schauen Sie auf Seite 16), um Ihr Pro- gramm zu planen, damit Sie keine wichtige Live-Operation bei KaVo Kerr verpassen. By Sierra Rendon, DTI Most clinicians will agree that one key to understanding a new technique is observing as it’s performed. TheKaVoKerrGroup’sLiveStagearea offers a bevy of topics and techniques for International Dental Show attend- ees to learn something new in an easy 45-minute session today and Saturday in Hall 10.1. A few topics taking place today include: • “More time for the important things,” focusing on successful implementa- tion of a diagnostic, prophylactic and minimally invasive concept. Optimierter Workflow live präsentiert Optimal workflow presented live 5 Jochen Kania spricht zum Thema „Vom modernen Intraoral-Scannen bis zur akkuraten Restauration in der Praxis“, am Stand der KaVo Kerr Group in Halle 10.1 5 Jochen Kania speaks at the KaVo Kerr Group, Hall 10.1, on “From modern IO scanning to an accurate in-office restoration.” • “Only My Wife is Still Powdering,” a quick guide to understanding modern IO scanning for an accurate in-office restoration. • “3-D Implantation Without Any Learn- ing Curve?” How to use a simple, inex- pensive and—most importantly—safe solution to achieve successful and aesthetic results on implants. • “The New Freedom During Obtura- tion,” which centers on elementsfree: Intuitive and easy to use with predict- able results. Stop by the booth (or see back cover) to plan out your schedule so you don’t miss any important demonstrations at the KaVo Kerr Group booth. 5 Dr. Theo Lübbers referiert über „Indikation für die dritte Dimension — die Band- breite der Anwendungen für CBCT über die Implantologie hinaus“ am Stand von KaVo. 5 Dr. Theo Lübbers speaks on “Indication for the third dimension—CBCT’s range of applications beyond implan- tology” at the KaVo booth. page 6