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Dental Tribune Pakistan Edition

PUBLISHED IN PAKISTAN MAY, 2014 - Vol. 03 >>>Page 4By Kashif Arif Treatment of aphthous stomatitis using low-level laser therapy >>>Page 8 Pakistani Dental students win accolades in Dubai LAHORE- The University of Health Sciences (UHS) had recently sent a six-member delegation to Dubai - UAE for attending the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Dental and Oral Health, where these young Pakistani students won several rewards for exceptional performance and competitiveness.The OMICS Group conducted this international conference, from 21st April to 23rd April. It brought together more than 1,000 faculty members, post-doctorate candidates, graduate students, and undergraduates from medical institutions from all over; Continued on page 11 DT Pakistan Report ISLAMABAD- The WHO has placed International travel restrictions on Pakistan, due to the country's failure in controlling the spread of wild polio virus, whereby 56 cases of polio were detected from different parts of the country. Most of these cases have primarily emerged from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). An independent International Health Regulations Emergency Committee comprising of 21 members, was formed as per the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). This committee discussed and reviewed the status of polio-affected countries. The committee has made recommendations to Director General of WHO - Dr. Margaret Chan. It stated that; Over the past few months, serious concerns. Pakistan government's ineffective efforts to control the disease. Pakistanis might soon be subjected to immense difficulties in visiting other countries, especially those that are polio-free. Pakistani's may need to provide medical certificates from authentic medical laboratories before traveling abroad and they might have to go through a medical check-up and tests at the destination airports. Such restrictions can be very detrimental for the country’s economy and business community, which is already facing travel restrictions internationally, due to security reasons. The restrictions will further spoil the country's image. Ten nations were critically scrutinized due to active transmission of poliovirus over the recent six months; three of these countries are still endemic for the disease and seven have been re-infected. Is WHO satisfied? The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed it's satisfaction with the initial steps taken by the government of Pakistan in an immediate response to the international travel restrictions. This will help in stopping the spread of wild poliovirus outside Pakistan's borders. This was stated in the UK by WHO's Polio Chief - Dr. Elias Continued on page 11 Take drops or Travel stops By Hashim Hasan >>>Page 2 KARACHI- As a token of appreciation for the outstanding services of Dow University of Medical Sciences in the educational and healthcare sector, the President of Pakistan Mr. Mamnoon Hussain recently paid a visit to the Dow University Ojha Campus in Karachi. The President was accompanied by the Governor of Sindh - Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Khan and the provincial minister of Health – Dr. Sagheer Ahmed along with the Secretary Health – Mr. Iqbal Durrani. On this occasion, the Vice Chancellor of Dow University – Prof. Masood Hameed Khan, Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Umar Farooq welcomed the dignitaries at the Ojha campus. Prof. Masood Hameed Khan briefed the President about the numerous medical, academic and research activities carried out by the University, besides elevating the public health standards and facilities in the country. He also highlighted the future projects being initiated by the Dow University, and several healthcare institutions, established and operated by the university, during recent years.The President of Pakistan paid tribute to the relentless efforts and progress made by the university under the able guidance of Prof. Masood Hameed Khan. He expressed hope that the Dow University will continue with its efforts and formulate new endeavors to strengthen medical education and provide healthcare services in Pakistan. At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Masood Hameed presented a Memento Shield of the University to President Mamnoon Hussain. DT Pakistan Report “Aesthetic dentistry in itself means nothing” Another year has passed by and the ruling elite & legislators of Pakistan have, once again failed to respond generously to the health miseries and medical needs of the common man in this poor country. The National Budget 2014- 2015 was announced, among great expectations, but the poor masses were once again disappointed to see that; a m o n g t h e m a s s i v e allocations made for the non- developmental expenditure & luxuries of the rulers, the Healthcare budget will be an insufficient fund of 26.80 billion Rupees. It surely cannot suffice for providing quality health services to more than 180 million people living in Pakistan today. Another meager amount of Rs. 31 million has been allocated as the additional fund to run the Prime Minister’s Dengue and Pollen Allergy Programme over the next year. Following the 18th constitutional amendment, health has become a provincial subject. However, the federal government still runs several national health-related programmes, including the Expanded Programme on Immunisation, (EPI), Control of Diarrhoeal disease and National Institute of Health (NIH). The Prime Minister has also announced the intention of launching a health insurance scheme with Rs. One Billion to help the poorest of segments.The size of PSDP (Public Sector Development Programme) for Continued on page 11 No revolutionary change in new Health Budget By Kashif Arif Government allocates Rs. 26.80 Billion for Health Budget in 2014-2015 President Mamnoon Hussain visits Dow University Dental curriculum - time for change? An interview with Dr. Pascal Magne, USA Budget at a glance2014-2015 Rs. in Billion Breakup of Current Expenditure Interestpayment Pension Denfence Grants&transfer Subsidies RunningofCivilGovt. Provisionforpay&pension Breakup Net Revenue Receipts Taxrevenue 3129 Non-taxrevenue 816 Grossrevenuereceipts 3946 Provincialshare 1720 Resources Expenditure Bank Borrowing Estimated Provincial Surplus External Receipts (Net) Net Capital Receipts Net Revenue Receipt 4,000 3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0 228 289 508 686 2,225 Other Dev. Expenditure 162 Net Lending 120 Federal PSDP 525 Current 3,130 1325 215 700 371 203 291 25

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