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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | January 2014 A11 Ad By Komet USA Staff The Komet® brand is synony- mous with precision-engineered rotary dental instruments. Ac- cording to the company, the name has long been associated with attention to design and construction detail, high manufacturing standards and integrated instrument systems to meet the daily treatment requirements — and more complicated patient-care challenges — facing general and specialist practi- tioners. With a 90-plus-year history of melding tradition with innovation and superior products with responsive cus- tomer service and direct sales, the com- pany is known not only for its compre- hensive range of diamonds and burs but for its endodontic instruments and post- treatment restorative options. Komet has been in the endodontic-instrument busi- ness for years, producing, among other items, stainless-steel hand files, K-files and Hedstroem files, which continue their usefulness and popularity, as well as a se- lection of root-post systems to facilitate post-treatment restoration. Seeking to address the growing num- ber of root-canal cases now treated in U.S. general-dental practices, Komet closely examined the challenges of speed, ease of use, economy and safety and tasked its R&D, design, engineering and manu- facturing specialists with meeting these requirements. The need for endodontic services has expanded in line with demo- graphic shifts, and within the dental com- munity, general practices now provide almost all types and levels of treatment. General dentists are referring less to spe- cialists, and general dentists who previ- ously focused exclusively on cosmetic dentistry or family dentistry, for instance, have moved from being generalists with a specialty to being true generalists. Komet’s objective with the develop- ment of the F360™ files was to address the needs of approximately 90 percent of the endodontic cases general practitioners encounter among their patients and to ap- peal to the practice style of U.S. dentists. Toward that end, the Komet team began with the idea of minimizing the number of files required for endodontic treatment, seeking to offer some distinct advantages over other root-canal preparation sys- tems. Now constituting the heart of the Kom- et endodontic-instrument systems is one of Komet USA’s latest and most innovative product launches: the F360™ root-canal preparation system, a system Komet calls “undeniably simple,” a phrase that repre- sents the advancement F360 files bring to endodontic treatment. Use of the files de- mands no change of technique, and these rotary-operated files require only one speed and one torque level for all the in- struments. The F360 files are constructed of NiTi, which has proved its worth in den- The The Komet F360 presterilized, single-use files prevent cross-contam- ination; eliminate the need to clean, disinfect and sterilize the instruments; and reduce the risk of fracture caused by cyclic fatigue. Photo/Provided by Komet iNduStry NEWS ” See KOMET, page A12 Komet USA’s F360 root- canal system simplifies treatment YDC BOOTH NO. 710