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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

©BIOLASE, Inc. All rights reserved. For use by licensed professionals only. BIOLASE, WaterLase, iPlus, and Deep Pocket Therapy with New Attachment are trademarks of BIOLASE, registered in the U.S. and other countries. FOLLOW US! | | +44.07971128056 The WaterLase iPlus system is simply amazing. It is our most advanced, most powerful and simplest WaterLase yet. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself at AMAZEDBYWATERLASE.COM! BE AMAZED BY WATERLASE ® RLRLR ASESES CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE ABOUT WATERLASE iPLUS! OR ViSiT AMAZEDBYWATERLASE.COM TO ViEW iNSTANT REACTiONS FROM DOCTORS AND PATiENTS! hENRY SChEiN, iNC. BiOLASE’S ExCLUSiVE Uk DiSTRiBUTOR CONTACT JACkiE COOPER BREAkS ThE SPEED BARRiER - Up to 100/pulses per second - Patented tech delivers 600 mJ/pulse - As fast as a high-speed drill iLASE 940nm DiODE LASER DOCkiNG STATiON - Adds dual wavelength convenience - First totally wireless diode laser - Battery operated with finger operation iNTUiTiVE USER iNTERFACE - 52 illustrated procedure pre-sets - Touch-screen controls - Greatly simplifies the learning curve BiOLOGiCALLY FRiENDLY DENTiSTRY - No micro-fractures or thermal damage - More precise, minimally invasive - Relies on water and light to cut