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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

23Industry NewsNovember 2013United Kingdom Edition SafeSeen – Ensuring Patient Consent SafeSeen’s new SafeSeen Touch is the new complete compliance suite. The tablet enables patients to check the details of treatments ensuring they are able to give informed consent and then provide a simple eSignature for future reference. Many practices have found that obtaining the correct patient consent can be a legal and logistical minefield. Not only do you want to provide the best care for your patients, but informed consent is also of course a strict requirement of the Governing Bodies. Having identified this problem, SafeSeen developed a new solution in their SafeSeen Touch. Dr Ian Hunt, Clinical and Managing Director of Maple Dental Care Ltd says:“Indeed the GDC directives make it important to get consent and a new medical history each time we meet a patient and I feel the SafeSeen Touch would be great for this. It is one area where we generate a lot of paperwork and the device will enable our patients to check their own details, change anything that needs updating and then sign it there and then.” To make sure your practice obtains proper patient consent every time, find out more about the SafeSeen Touch today. For more information, please contact Chloe Booth on 07825 201657 email: Roger Gullidge Design –“Even now my colleagues remark on the longevity of the designs and features” “I have worked twice with Roger Gullidge as my Design Consultant; the first was in 1997 on the refurbishment of a two storey and structurally uncertain detached building. Working with Roger is as smooth as silk – 15 years later the building has held up to heavy usage, and even now my colleagues remark on the longevity of the designs and features specified by Roger”, says Dr. Charles Lister of The Private Treatment Centre in Salisbury, Wiltshire. As Director and Senior Designer of Roger Gullidge Design, Roger Gullidge has been assisting the dental industry for more than 20 years, bringing his unique blend of experience, skill and vision to each and every project. As Dr. Lister Comments: “His knowledge seemingly knows no bounds, and when you throw a difficult question at him, you just know that the silence and the furrowing brows indicate that it is no longer a problem but a challenge that he has in his mind already resolved.” Roger’s outstanding reputation within the dental industry and considerable experience can help you make your vision of a practice, into a reality. Roger Gullidge Design is a specialist design and project management consultancy specialising in the dental sector. Call 01278 784442 for more details or visit: Goodman Grant – Guaranteeing its clients success Without the right level of understanding, the idiosyncrasies of dental law are remarkably difficult to understand. Goodman Grant are a legal firm who specialise in assisting the dental industry, offering a range of services that is informed by its experience and comprehension of dental law. Goodman Grant is able to help its clients with an array of services, ranging from advice on PDS/GDS contracts, incorporations, CQC to the purchase or disposal of a dental practice. Its specialist approach to dental law allows it to understand the industry’s intricacies and negotiate contracts and agreements that are tailored to suit its client’s needs. Buying or selling a dental practice is completely different to dealing with a domestic property and requires the attention of a specialist lawyer who has experience in the industry. Goodman Grant has a combined experience of more than 75 years, allowing it to deliver a service that ensures its clients success in any professional move that they seek. For more information call John Grant on 0113 8343705 or email EndoCare – support when you need it most At EndoCare we bring together a leading group of experienced Endodontists, ready and available to assist you and your patients with all aspects of this challenging procedure. We welcome all contact from our referrers and are happy to discuss cases, offer help and give advice on all aspects of Endodontics and patient care. Our team of experienced Endodontists are not only experts in their field, but they are also all warm, friendly and compassionate individuals, and will guide and support your patients through every moment of their time spent with us. For complete peace of mind, we guarantee that we will give the best care to your patient and communicate with you promptly at each stage of your patient’s treatment. Indeed we aim to look after your patients in the same efficient and caring manner that you would, returning them to you pain-free, confident and happy with the quality of treatment they have received.To learn more about Endodontic referrals, and how we can become an important part of your team, contact EndoCare today. For further information please call EndoCare on 020 7224 0999 Or visit More Lasers sold than ever! QuickLase were busy with their best-selling DentaLase Desktop lasers, by the end of the BDTA Birmingham on Saturday, 23 lasers were sold. Quicklase have a choice of lasers, the 4w, 8w and 8w dual; all come complete with everything you need from whitening and therapy prisms to online training. Quicklase were also busy promoting the BILD laser hands- on courses which are now booked till the end of February 2014. A March date will be shortly announced; book early to avoid disappointment. QuickWhite launched their new QuickWhite White & More one patient kit, which comes with toothbrush, whitening and gum treatment toothpaste, interproximal tooth sticks and 3 x large 3 cc 16% Carbamide syringes with re-sealable tips. This is an add-on to the famous competitive and in-expensive Quickwhite whitening for both In-surgery Peroxide and Home Carbamide Whitening. Quickwhite also offer branding, with a range of packaging options you can have your logo printed on the home whitening kits to market your surgery. This service is offered for free with the whitening offers; all they need is your logo, it’s that simple. Hurry and get your order in at the show offer prices. Call 01227 780009 or visit Quality, on time, and at the right price Tavom and RPA Dental Owner of Crown Bank Family Dental Health Centre in Cheshire, Dr Ann Connolly, recently refurbished two surgeries with Tavom cabinetry. Having already worked with Tavom product suppliers RPA Dental, for more than 10 years, Ann was delighted to receive the quality service she had come to expect from them: “Having become very comfortable with the standard of service RPA dental offer, we were more than happy to work with them to redesign and refurbish our surgeries. “During the initial design stages, we were particularly impressed that RPA Dental discussed the design options with several members of our practice team, not just the dentist, and this resulted in a much improved design. Their team’s knowledge and understanding of best practice in the industry was very apparent – they provided practical advice on material quality, colour schemes and relevant clinical equipment. “RPA Dental also provided us with accurate quotations, the predicted work schedule was realistic and well managed and carried out with the absolute minimum disruption. Overall, both RPA Dental and Tavom delivered a quality service on time and at the right price. I would recommend them to anyone.”For more information call Tavom UK on 0870 752 1121 or visit the Tavom website For RPA Dental on 08000 933975, or visit Broaden your skills with an MSc in Endodontics From Healthcare Learning: Smile-on Whether you want to enhance the patient service you provide, help your practice grow, or just become a better clinician, Healthcare Learning: Smile-on has a solution for you. The latest qualification available from the leading education provider is an MSc in Endodontics. Designed as a two-year, part-time blended learning course, tuition is delivered through a combination of webinars, face-to-face instruction and hands-on sessions, with vast online resources accessible throughout. Taking you from the science behind modern techniques, to the clinical implications, research methods and practical guidance, the course covers all aspects of endodontic treatment. On-going support is also available over the two years, offering additional advice and guidance when you need it. To apply, all you need is two year’s experience in general practice, professional or academic references, and access to your own patients for case studies in three of the units. For your chance to develop your skills and better yourself, find out more from Healthcare Learning: Smile-on. Applications are now being accepted for 2014 courses. For more information or to apply, please call 0207 8008989 or email UnoDent Protective Eyewear – Professional Protection First The comprehensive new range of protective eyewear from UnoDent ensures the safety of dental staff is a top priority. Each pair of protective eyewear guarantees a barrier against contaminated fluids, and while some boast scratch resistant lenses and others anti-fog lenses, UnoDent makes certain that the dental professional’s specific requirements are met. The innovative and contemporary range of protective eyewear includes: • UnoDent CrackerJack Range–Stylishandlightweightsinglelensprovidinglargefieldofvisionavailable in various colours • UnoDent Coversight Range – Lightweight and adjustable arms for anti-slip comfort to fit over any kind of prescription glasses • UnoDent Touring Range – One-piece polycarbonate lens, fits over any prescription glasses with side vents to prevent fogging • UnoDent Equinox – For lab use fully adjustable with lateral protection with fittings for‘your own’prescription lenses • UnoDent Matrix Range – Lightweight and adjustable protective eyewear with LED light built-in, rechargeable via USB and your own computer • UnoDent Pop – Single lens with flexible arms designed for a‘smaller face’i.e. child. UnoDent is the obvious choice for protective eyewear for all professionals. Providing stylish comfort with comprehensive protection from contamination, the very latest UnoDent Protective Eyewear range prioritises the professional. Available now from the independently verified best priced dental dealer, The Dental Directory. For more information regarding products within the UnoDent range please contact The Dental Directory on 0800 585 586, or visit DMG UK Icon See the Linda Greenwall video on DMG’s UK website Icon is DMG UK’s revolutionary treatment for incipient caries and carious white spot lesions… without drilling! To find out how Icon can enhance your Practice and introduce a new revenue stream watch the Linda Greenwall video on DMG UK’s website Follow the link products/caries-infiltration/icon/product/caries-infiltrant-smooth-surface/ Icon is an innovative caries infiltration therapy. It represents a breakthrough in micro-invasive technology that reinforces and stabilises demineralised enamel without the need for drilling or sacrificing healthy tooth structure. The first product to bridge the gap between prevention (fluoride therapy) and caries restoration, Icon’s micro-invasive infiltration technology can be used to treat smooth surface and proximal carious lesions up to the first third of dentine. In just one visit Icon can arrest the progression of early enamel lesions and remove carious white spot lesions. Icon offers a simple alternative to the“wait and see”approach, enabling Dentists to offer an immediate treatment without unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure. It prevents lesion progression and increases life expectancy for the tooth. Providing a highly aesthetic solution, carious white spot lesions treated with Icon take on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel. Total treatment time is about 15 minutes. For further information contact Rachel Moreland, DMG UK’s Icon and Flairesse Product Specialist, on 07854 725544 or Alternatively contact your local dental dealer or DMG Dental Products (UK) Ltd on 01656 789401, fax 01656 360100, email or visit DMG UK Constic DMG’s NEW self-etching and adhesive flowable composite is ideal for paediatric dentistry! With their inquisitive tongues and short attention spans, treating children can be quite taxing! Therefore a self-etching and adhesive flowable composite that eliminates both the etching and bonding steps and the associated time expenditure is a real advantage. DMG’s NEW Constic self-etching and adhesive flowable composite solves this problem and saves valuable time too. Post-operative sensitivity is also markedly reduced. Constic is faster, easier, more gentle and reliable! This new 3-in-1 flowable composite combines etching gel, bonding agent and flowable composite in one single product. Consequently the Dentist eliminates both the etching and bonding steps and the associated time expenditure. Possible sources of error are also minimised – advantages not offered by conventional flowable composites requiring the use of a separate adhesive. As well as treating routine cavities in children, Constic can be used for fissure sealing, MID restorations including small Class I restorations and base linings in adults, repairing existing restorations and blocking out undercuts, all of which can be quickly carried out with Constic, which is simple to apply and then light-cured. As a pioneer of a new composite generation, Constic thereby reduces the amount of work required and enables increased freedom in the Practice. For further information contact your local dental dealer or DMG Dental Products (UK) Ltd on 01656 789401, fax 01656 360100, email or visit The CB12 effect Don’t be surprised if you find that more and more of your patients ask about CB12 mouth rinse in the next few months. That will be the effect of a nationwide TV campaign airing from November to December, which highlights CB12 promotions in Boots stores all over the UK. With 3 for 2 offers and free 50ml bottles with every purchase, the product is now even more accessible for patients with bad breath. So the next time a patient of yours asks for advice on how to treat halitosis, you can let them know all about CB12. Its unique formulation of chlorhexidine and zinc acetate has been proven more effective at neutralising Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs) than 18 other leading mouthwash brands. Studies have also shown CB12 to be effective for at least 12 hours, providing long-lasting relief for your patients. The product is fast becoming the most popular solution for those who suffer from halitosis.When it comes to fighting bad breath, CB12 is the star of the show. For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit Exclusive lecture line up for dental nurses At The Dentistry Show 2014 The Dentistry Show 2014 is proud to present an exclusive line up of lectures dedicated to providing the latest ideas and perspectives in dental nursing. In association with the British Association of Dental Nursing and officially sponsored by Dental Nursing from the Mark Allen Group, the Dental Nurses Forum will cover all areas governing everyday practise. Leading professionals in the field will deliver fascinating lectures covering topics that will help streamline routines and develop clinical skills, while enhancing patient experience. Dental nurses can also expand on their knowledge by visiting the four brand new hands-on workshops situated across the trade floor. Returning from last year, the bigger and better PerioLounge provides an opportunity to hear from some of the leading periodontists around the world. And after two-days of lectures and practical experiences, delegates can relax and raise money for a worthy charity at the Heart Your Smile Party’s “Circ de Sourire”– a vintage night of fun and fundraising. The highly anticipated Show will take place on Friday 28th February and Saturday 1st March 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham. To avoid missing out make sure you book your free place now. For more information, or to register for your free delegate pass, please visit, call 020 7348 5269 or email