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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

22 Industry News United Kingdom Edition November 2013 Esthetic Alliance Program from Nobel Biocare A New Business Stream Introduce a new business stream into your practice with EAP, the Esthetic Alliance Program from Nobel Biocare. GDPs do not need to have prior implant experience; they receive full training and support in dental implant restoration. Small groups inspire learning and help to quickly build confidence. Each EAP session has no more than ten dentists, who are taught by a highly experienced surgeon. Participants are required to bring their own cases right from the very beginning. They can learn at their own pace and progress only when they are ready to move on to the next stage. Programme facilitator Nobel Biocare also assists GDPs to develop referral networks and market the new service to patients. Together with attractive equipment packages on offer, you can begin to help patients without delay. Earn verifiable CPD while increasing your knowledge, skills and business potential with EAP from Nobel Biocare. For information on participating in the EAP as a referring GDP or surgeon host, please contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300 or visit Philips A year to celebrate Philips is celebrating a record year for unprecedented interest in the latest innovations it launched at the BDA Conference and BDTA Showcase. In April it introduced an upgrade to its AirFloss interdental cleaner and a new plaque busting FlexCare Platinum sonic toothbrush and was encouraged by the results of a survey conducted amongst new users of the AirFloss which showed unequivocal positivity for the device. At the BDTA Showcase, the Company unveiled a limited edition black version of its DiamondClean toothbrush to the dental press and a number of highly influential dental professionals who were vocal in their admiration for the stunning addition to the Sonicare portfolio. People queued at the stand for the duration of the show and over the three days the team gave personal presentations about the three new products - along with Philips Zoom - to over 2,500 delegates, and trialled over 1,700 AirFloss to new users, whose responses they are currently tracking.There were further winners amongst the delegates as PhilipsalsoawardedonedelegateadrivingexperienceinablackLamborghinifor two people to celebrate the launch of Sonicare DiamondClean Black.The winner, Steve Mulcahy of Riverside Dental in Cheshire will be roaring off to a track nearby for an adrenaline-fueled experience. Meanwhile the prize of flowers delivered to a practice every month for a year was won by Sarah Galbraith on behalf of Central Dental in Derby who are looking forward to their first delivery this week. If you would like to learn more about the latest innovation from Philips please telephone 0800 0567 222 to arrange a personal demonstration or take advantage of the fantastic offers currently available. Sparkle Dental Labs –“The work has been of the highest quality with great attention to detail” From crowns to implants, you can rely on Leeds based Sparkle Dental Labs for dental products of the very highest calibre. Each product is crafted by a member of Sparkle Dental Labs’team of highly skilled technicians; their high quality products will help you to achieve the very best clinical results. Sparkle Dental Labs’commitment is not solely to the standard of its products but also to the quality of the service that it provides its customers. It operates a quick turnaround policy so customers don’t have to wait around for their products, allowing them to provide a quicker and more accommodating service for their patients. Sparkle Dental Labs even offers a guaranteed three-day turnaround on urgent NHS and private lab work. Dr. Raj Joshi, Dentist and Implant Surgeon at Broadway Dental Centre in Tooting, London says: “The team at Sparkle Dental Labs has been extremely helpful and highly professional. The work is delivered on time and to date the work has been of the highest quality with great attention to detail. I have no hesitation at all in recommending them. Keep up the excellent work and customer care!” For any additional information please call 0800 138 6255 or email or visit: Philips saves lives too Philips is a diversified health and wellbeing company which is focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful technological innovation. Whilst most dental professionals will be familiar with its oral healthcare products - from Sonicare toothbrushes to Zoom tooth whitening - they may be less familiar with the fact that Philips is also a player in the medical equipment market with its provision of monitoring and scanning technology for hospitals – from MRI machines to defibrillators. Its award winning HeartStart Defibrillators are now being made available directly to dental practices to enable anyone in the team to treat sudden cardiac arrest quickly and effectively as soon as it has occurred. The Philips’ HeartStart Defibrillator has been independently verified by experts as the easiest to set up and use, and the most reliable available. It uses clear, calm voice instructions to guide the user through each step of the defibrillation process, including CPR coaching. Integrated SMART pads which are simply placed on the patient’s bare skin adapt the defibrillator’s instructions to the users actions, conducting them calmly through the sequence they need to follow. Because patient safety is imperative, many practices - particularly those which carry out surgery and offer sedation - are coupling these with Philips’ SureSigns vital signs monitoring equipment which allows dentists to track and measure patients’reactions to medications and treatment. For more information visit Philips Sonicare and Philips Zoom get the star treatment Philips Sonicare toothbrushes and Philips Zoom Whitening have long been popular with celebrities, and in recent weeks a number of household names have taken to Twitter to share their experiences. There is firm evidence showing that celebrity recognition can take a product from relative obscurity to national recognition and for most products this can have a positive knock-on effect for businesses selling these products or services. Dentists, for example, will attest to the increase in patients asking for a specific product or treatment following some kind of celebrity endorsement. In fact, Philips Zoom is the tooth whitening brand most often asked for by name as a result of it being featured in a multitude of makeover programmes. Most recently, the finalists in the 2013 series of the X-Factor underwent Philips Zoom whitening by the Ware Centre of Dental Excellence and were all given Sonicare toothbrushes to use in the run up to the final showdown. It is also whispered that Simon Cowell will be presented with the new DiamondClean Black Limited Edition, as he is often filmed in his dressing room with a Sonicare in the background. Join the fan club Philips is currently running a series of Zoom and Sonicare promotions to enable practices to capitalise on the growing celebrity following for its products. More information about these can be obtained by calling 0800 0567 222. 7connections – Professional, Honest and Down To Earth Lorraine Wilson is the practice manager of ‘Dentistry on the Square’, in Glasgow. She and her team recently enlisted the business expertise of Karl Taylor-Knight from 7connections, to help make sure the business was ready for expansion. “We chose to seek business support in order to grow the practice and ensure it reached its full potential,” she says. “We approached the team at 7connections due to their high reputation and extensive experience within dental coaching. “Karl has helped us focus on associate profitability and provided more in depth training with regards to setting up a budget with a P&L, this has been a fantastic help. He also provided a list of areas to look at and improve, in order to enhance our productivity and income. “Working with Karl has helped me enormously – it’s great to have someone with experience to bounce ideas off, and he has provided valuable support. “All in all, the 7connections team are very professional, honest and provide great guidance. I would certainly recommend their business support to other practices.” For more information about 7connections business coaching please call 01647 478145 or email All Round Quality from Carestream Dental “We use a lot of the software and technology available from Carestream Dental within our practice, due to the quality of both the equipmentandthecustomerserviceprovided.” Chris Groombridge, Principal Dentist of 543 Dental Centre in Hull, has sourced equipment from Carestream Dental now for many years. He recently introduced a PDQ card machine to his practice, which has helped improve efficiency within the practice. “The main reason we sourced the PDQ card machine from Carestream Dental, was that it could be fully integrated into our practice management software. Data is therefore fed directly from the R4 software into the till, and this automation greatly reduces the chance of human error. “Through our own market research, we also found the PDQ machine from Carestream Dental to be cheaper than other alternatives available in the industry, which was another great plus. “In addition, customer service is very important to us – if there is a problem with a machine, we need a repair or replacement quickly. The service from Carestream Dental is very quick and often within 24 hours, which limits any disruption greatly.” To find out how you could streamline your practice, contact the experts at Carestream Dental today. For more information, please contact the experts at Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit R4 Online Backup and Recovery Services – support when you need it most A burst water main in Herne Hill high street, London, recently caused chaos as floodwater poured into Half Moon Dental Centre, a specialist referral centre for Paediatric Dentistry and Periodontology. Thankfully, Principal Dentist Daniel Hopkins and his team use CS R4 Online Backup and Recovery – an automatic, highly encrypted online backup system designed for just this situation. “I’m really glad we had online backup,” says Daniel. “All our patients’ notes, including their radiographs and details were saved.”To help Daniel and his team get Half Moon Dental Centre up and running, Carestream Dental was able to provide three new computers pre-loaded with all the practice’s patient files. “The support we’ve received from Carestream Dental really has been excellent,” continues Daniel. “The new computers we purchased were all ready to go as soon as they arrived – all we had to do was plug them in! The support team at Carestream Dental are always available if ever we need anything, and have been a great help in this difficult time.” For more information, please contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit The Hydrosonic Electric Toothbrush leads the way A new era in toothbrushing has begun with the innovative Hydrosonic ElectricToothbrush, developed by leading Swiss oral healthcare expert Curaprox. No other toothbrush on the market can compete with its incredible 42,000 sonic waves per minute. An intense ‘hydrodynamic effect’ is created when the rapid oscillations of the toothbrush combine with water, toothpaste and saliva. Plaque is removed easily and quickly and the gums, tongue and mucous membrane also receive a gentle, but highly effective clean. The toothbrush has an ergonomic handle to help clean at the correct angle, three cleaning modes, a two-minute timer, a 30-second quadrant timer and bristles made from CUREN technology to literally stroke teeth clean. And because the hydronsonic toothbrush is so gentle and easy to use, it is suitable for most patients, including children and even those with orthodontic appliances, implants or sensitive gums. Supplied with three CPS prime interdental brushes and Enzycal toothpaste that is sonic friendly, the Hydrosonic Electric Toothbrush really is leading the way for toothbrushes in the UK. To find out what other innovating products Curaprox develop to keep your patients’ mouths healthy, visit the new-look website today. For more information please call 01480 862084, email or visit Zesty – Taking the bite out of booking Zesty is an online booking service that takes the difficulty out of booking a dental appointment. Zesty allows prospective patients in London to book an appointment at any time of the day, be it when a tooth is playing up at three in the morning, or if they start to feel the beginnings of a problem at eight in the evening. Currently operating in London and looking to expand, Zesty offers a higher intake of patients and the ability to fill any cancelled appointment even at the last minute! Once signed up with Zesty, a practice can build and update its profile to advertise treatments and its approach to dentistry. Dr. Nissit Patel of Progressive Dentistry in Fulham, London says: “Working with Zesty has been very beneficial for our practice; we are able to ensure that no appointment remains unfilled. It also makes the process of booking much easier for our patients who are able to book an appointment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have been very impressed with the professionalism shown by Lloyd and all the team at Zesty and would not hesitate to recommend them.” Simply email: or visit or call 0203 287 5416 for more details of our Free Trial A busy dental chair is a profitable one Patients may feel the need to book a dental appointment at any time and for many looking online is second nature, especially out of practice opening hours. Zesty is a new online booking service that provides a secure, online appointment booking system that directs these patients to your practice. Zesty offers an online booking service that capitalises on your late cancellations, offering your empty appointments to both new and existing patients – filling cancelled appointments the very same day. Mobile phone internet access is an increasingly prevalent form of online communication, and Zesty’s innovative booking system is optimised to make sure that your practice is accessible from iPad, tablet or Smartphone 24/7. Not only this, but Zesty provides each practice with a dedicated page that allows the potential patient to get to know the practice and familiarise themselves with its treatments and prices. Zesty is a user-friendly service that markets your practice, treatments and clinical staff for a simple and effective approach to booking a dental appointment. Simply email: or visit or call 020 3287 5416 for more details Curaprox launches brand new UK website Leading oral healthcare expert Curaprox has launched a brand new UK website to enhance the display of its wide range of products and to continue providing specialist advice. The website is now easier to navigate than ever before, making it simpler for you and your patients to locate items and information. New to the website are informative guides on, for example, how to use manual brushes correctly and tips for using interdental brushes, which you can use with your patients to provide excellent oral healthcare guidance. Also included on the newly refined website are videos for each individual product, so you can show your patients exactly how to use a specific toothbrush or interdental brush correctly. A new downloadable brochure and online shop also makes purchasing Curaprox products such as the Curasept ADS® range or the CPS Prime range of interdental toothbrushes more straightforward. So if you are looking to provide your patients with expert advice and products which care for every oral health need, then visit Curaprox’s brand new website today. For more information please call 01480 862084, email or visit