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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

21Company SpotlightOctober 2013United Kingdom Edition 21AdvertorialNovember 2013United Kingdom Edition O n 8 October, 1971 John Lennon released his meg- ahit‘Imagine’.Theincred- ible lyrics prompted the listener to imagine a world at peace without divisiveness and barriers, and to consider the possibility of living a life of a brotherhood of man. Without any doubt, everything good that happens in the world on the 8 October – happens in Liver- pool! It is fair to say that the high- light in Liverpool on the 8 October 2013 and the main event in the world, was arguably the launch of the first ICE clinic in Rodney Street and, the introduction of ICE Foundation Course for GDPs in Implant Dentistry. The Implant Centres of Ex- cellence or ICE, is the brainchild of three of the UK’s most experi- enced implant educators and cli- nicians; Prof Cemal Ucer, Simon Wright and David Speechley. ICE consists of three separate groups: regional ICE clinics to provide clinical treatment and support to referring practitioners; the ICE Association (ICEa) providing peer interaction and support; and the back bone of the organisation, the Institute (ICEi) providing struc- tured, accredited clinical training and education to team members at all levels. At the backbone of ICEi is the newly launched men- tee school which will provide systematic patient-centred super- vised clinical training at ICE cen- tral hub and regional clinics. The philosophy of ICE is to provide local support and team- work through a structured contin- uum of education and training for those seeking to develop clinical skills in this field from treatment planning to restorative and surgi- cal aspects of implant dentistry. Collaborative professional de- velopment and training (CPDT) is a revolutionary approach to CPD training and education in implant dentistry. ICE provides the support, interaction and edu- cation needed to get involved. It does this through structured long term support and learning for the whole team providing training at every level of clinical practice. There was so much excite- ment about the new clinical col- laboration and partnership in learning, that 60 Liverpool prac- tices were represented, with more than 70 clinicians attending ICE launch event and ICEa Foun- dation Course for GDPs; all eager to find out how ICE can help them and their patients. The event started with a Champagne reception and trade fair. Sponsors Straumann, Geistlich and Astra explained how using well resourced, evidence- based products is essential to pre- dictable long-term aesthetic suc- cess – a fundamental concept to ICE philosophy. This was the first in a series of four lectures that will cover the essentials of implantology. With this knowledge the team may then go on to the ICE Restorative series in which they will be pro- vided with the skillset and sup- port to begin to restore implants in their own practices progressing from straightforward to advanced cases with safety and confidence. The support comes from ICEa through a mobile app/interface. This offers treatment guidelines, protocols, discussion forums, in- stant access to a range of experts, and discount schemes with indus- trial partners. ICEa provides com- plimentary restorative kits, in- struments, patient literature and consent forms as well as regular regional treatment planning study club meetings. ICE provides excellent clini- cal facilities and access to best implant systems including Strau- mann and Astra/Dentsply and for the educational body (ICEi) pro- vides the platform for collabora- tive teaching and learning to ben- efit all concerned. Participants are encouragedtopursueastructured continuum of education and train- ing from restoring few implants to postgraduate programmes such as MSc in implant dentistry. DT “Imagine all the People, Sharing All the World” Contact Info Tel: Steph Littler 0151 709 1714 or visit www.icedentalimp- This is an advertising feature Unique, original & clinically proven The membrane you can trust Long-term results of years • THE WORLD’S NUMBER MEMBRANE • years of successful clinical history • More than 200 studies • Early membrane vascularisation supports bone regeneration1 1 Schwarz F et al. Clin. Oral Implants Res. ; : Advanced techniques for membrane use in modern bone and tissue regeneration The Royal College of Physicians London March th Presenters Professor Frank Schwarz Dr Michael Norton Dr Stephen Barter The membrane you can trust_Layout 1 15/10/2013 13:10 Page 1