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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

19Company SpotlightOctober 2013United Kingdom Edition 19ClinicalNovember 2013United Kingdom Edition W ith nearly half of UK adults (45 per cent) unhappy with the alignment of their teeth, it’s no surprise that orthodontic treat- ment is on the rise. Interest- ingly, the YouGov survey, con- ducted on behalf of National Orthodontic Week (NOW) in 2010, also found that 20 per cent of respondents would con- sider having some form of or- thodontic treatment. That’s quite a drop. From 45 per cent of people being unhap- py with the way their teeth look to just 20 per cent being pre- pared to do something about it. Now, why could that be? There are two main issues that dis- courage patients from seeking treatment: cost and embarrass- ment of the way it would make them look, but both of these matters can be dealt with very easily. As demand for adult or- thodontic treatment continues to grow, so too does the devel- opment of new products and techniques to meet that need. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage and Kath- erine Heigl have all shown that orthodontics is not just for chil- dren. However, although they have effectively been ambas- sadors for adult orthodontics (simply by undergoing treat- ment and being photographed wearing braces), there is also the suggestion that treatment for the stars is likely to be too expensive for the general public. In actual fact, there are a number of treatment options to choose from, ranging widely in price. Fear of embarrassment is another key issue for pa- tients, but modern treatments are incredibly subtle. It’s no longer necessary for patients to endure conspicuous met- al ‘train tracks’ on the front of their teeth. Innovations in adult orthodontics have led to treatment such as understated tooth-coloured fixed braces, or lingual braces that are fitted to the back of the teeth, or even removable clear aligners. Perhaps the patient is wor- ried about broaching the sub- ject with you in case they are judged to be ‘making a fuss over nothing’, assuming that you would tell them if their un- Straighter teeth for healthier, happier patients ‘Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage and Kather- ine Heigl have all shown that ortho- dontics is not just for children’ “Paul is a passionate and charismatic speaker He has been teaching for over 25 years, both in the UK and internationally and, has a wealth of experience which he imparts in ways which Dentists can use day to day.” Dr Paul A Tipton B.D.S., M.Sc., D.G.D.P. U.K. Specialist in Prosthodontics President, British Academy of Restorative Dentistry Now TakingBookings for2014Courses Book your place now at: Courses in Restorative, Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry page 20DTà