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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

HYGIENE TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Hygiene Newspaper ·U.S. Edition November 2013 — vol. 6, No. 8 ” See AWARDS, page C2 Hygienist awards program extended Crest Oral-B plans to honor four top hygienists in year ahead GNYDM BOOTH NO. 1226 Crest Oral-B continues to recognize registered dental hygienists who go above and beyond the call of duty with the third year of the Pros in the Profession awards program. These awards acknowledge the pivotal role hygienists play in their patients’ lives in addition to their unwavering per- sonal commitment to promoting good oral health. “We have seen extraordinary en- tries over the past several years, which is why we must continue to honor those hygienists whose passion shine through in their everyday work,” said John Scarchilli, with scientific com- munications for P&G Oral Care. “These individuals dedicate countless hours to furthering the oral health cause, so we are pleased to be able to applaud them publicly.” In 2014, Crest Oral-B will reward four exceptional dental hygienists who con- sistently display dedication to their patients and their craft. Winners re- ceive an all-expense paid trip to visit the Procter & Gamble German Innovation Center at Kron- berg, Germany; $1,000; a rec- ognition plaque; recognition in dental periodicals and an- nouncements on the Crest Oral-B for Dental Professionals Facebook page and on the con- sumer website. From now until March 2014, nomina- tions can be submitted via a nomination tab on the Crest Oral-B for Dental Pro- fessionals Facebook page. For the first time in the program, hygienists may nominate themselves. Nominations can also be submitted by dentists, fellow hy- gienists, dental assistants, professional colleagues and academic colleagues. Ad- ditionally, Crest Oral-B will be present at dental conventions throughout the year, where applications can be submit- ted onsite. To be considered for the program, nominees must meet the following cri- teria: RDH with two or more years of clinical/professional experience after graduation from dental hygiene school; participation in community service; ex- amples of work that is above and beyond the call of duty. “It is an honor, as a previous recipi- ent of the award, that Crest Oral-B has decided to continue rewarding those in our profession,” said Ann Benson Ross. “I’ve learned an immense amount from the experience and have been afforded so many new opportunities, so I encour- age all to take part, as I know so many of us out there deserve the honor.” To learn more about Pros in the Profes- sion, including how to nominate your- self or a colleague for consideration, along with rules and regulations, visit or visit For more about Crest Oral-B products and resources, you can visit the recently updated consumer website. About Crest and Oral-B Crest was the first oral care brand to secure the ADA Seal of Acceptance for a clinically proven fluoride toothpaste. Since introducing fluoride toothpaste 54 years ago, it is estimated that Crest has helped prevent more than half a billion cavities in the United States. Headquar- tered in Cincinnati, Crest is owned and Oral Health America pushes to expand dental hygiene services ‘State of Decay’ study prompts support of ‘mid-level oral health care providers’ Oral Health America (OHA) in early Oc- tober issued a recommendation that sup- ports the expansion of oral health services throughtheutilizationofdentalhygienists and dental therapists, a recommendation strongly supported by the American Den- tal Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) . The recommendation comes from “A State of Decay,” an OHA report on the oral health of older Americans. The report is a state-by-state analysis of oral health care delivery and public health factors that af- fect the oral health of older adults. Among its findings is that more than half of the country received a “fair” or “poor” assess- ment when it came to meeting the mini- mal standards affecting dental care access for older adults. “A State of Decay” highlights both public health and health care delivery factors af- fecting the oral health of older adults. The methodology for determining each state’s total score was based on a formula that weighted a number of selected factors con- tributing to older adult oral health. Those factors are state oral health plans, edentu- lism, community water fluoridation and dental health professional shortage areas. Specifically regarding these shortage areas, the ADHA supports OHA’s recommenda- tion to mitigate such shortages by improv- ing the primary health care workforce through the expansion of the services provided by dental hygienists and dental therapists. Minnesota, which ranked highest of all statessurveyed inprovidingdentalcareac- cess for older adults, is the first state in the nation to approve the licensing of a mid- level oral health care provider, known in Minnesota as an Advanced Dental Thera- pist (ADT). The ADT is dually licensed as a dental hygienist and an ADT. Their educa- tion and training allow them to perform such duties as filling cavities and extract- ing teeth. Policymakers in other states, such as Washington and Maine, are view- ingMinnesota’slawasoneofseveralpoten- tial solutions to the lack of access to dental care for millions of Americans, particularly the poor and uninsured. “Using the dental hygiene workforce in a manner that allows dental hygienists to work with flexibility and up to the level they are educated will help to open the doors of access for many. Patients will ben- efit from a provider who can deliver both the preventive scope of a dental hygienist and the focused restorative scope of an ad- vanced dental therapist,” said ADHA Presi- dent Denise Bowers, RDH, PhD. In conjunction with the report release, OHA launched a new online resource, A first-of-its-kind website focusing on older adults and oral health, the site connects older adults and their caregivers to local care and education about the oral health issues they face, the importanceofcontinuingpreventionaswe age and the impact of oral health on over- all health. ADHA is a sponsor and partner with Special Care Dentistry Association andOHAintheeffortstoaddresstheissues facing older adults and oral health. About the American Dental Hygienists’ Association The American Dental Hygienists’ Asso- ciation is the largest national organization representing the professional interests of morethan150,000dentalhygienistsacross the country. Dental hygienists are preven- tive oral health professionals, licensed in dental hygiene, who provide educational, clinical and therapeutic services that sup- port total health through the promotion of optimal oral health. For more information about ADHA, dental hygiene and the link between oral health and general health, visit ADHA at (Source: ADHA, Oral Health America)