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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | November 2013A16 Ad INduStry NEWS wide composite diamond strips de- signed to prepare the entire proximal contact surface for composite restora- tions. The Blue Heavy Saw is designed to clean out excess resin cement from the interproximal space. These are the only ContacEZ Dental Strips that will allow you to apply vertical pressure during use. ContacEZ IPR accessories ContacEZ offers the following acces- sories to assist in complete interproxi- mal reduction: The ContacEZ IPR Strip System makes IPR safer and more accurate without creating sharp corners. Designed for use with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, eCligner, Inman Aligner and other clear aligner treatment systems, these strips curve and flex along the natural contours of the teeth to prevent soft tissue irritation, avoid cutting excessive enamel and maximize patient comfort. ‘It was the beginning of his lifelong search for a better crown seating method.’ “ RELIEF, page A15 • ContacEZ Incremental Thickness Gauge (set of six) — measure the amount of interproximal enamel re- moved. • Mosquito Bur — remove sound enamel and dentin in cavity prepara- tion. • Slow Speed Diamond Discs (top, bottom and dual-coated) — create space by grinding down enamel. • ContacEZ Disc Safety Guard — en- sure the patient’s safety when using Diamond Discs. ContacEZ LAB Strip System The ContacEZ LAB Strip System is de- signed to eliminate the guesswork and worry of inaccuracy of proximal con- tact of crowns. According to the com- pany, using this system will enable you to achieve consistent results, and it’s fully compatible with your own inter- nal procedures. (Source: ContacEZ) Mydent International is raising breast cancer awareness through its website, “Defend Yourself with Pink.” The program, available through My- dent’s distribution network, features a selection of pink Defend products, in- cluding face masks, lab coats, jackets, tray covers and more. Health care pro- fessionals get access to special prices on these products through Dec. 31. Mydent International will be donat- ing a portion of proceeds to the Nation- al Breast Cancer Foundation to support education, breast health services and other programs provided by the foun- dation. In addition to this donation, Mydent International also supports Autism Speaks, the nation’s largest and most effective autism science and ad- vocacy organization. To learn more about Mydent’s “De- fend Yourself with Pink” program, call (800) 275-0020 or you can visit the dedicated website for the program at (Source: Mydent International) Mydent International supports breast cancer awareness with its ‘Defend yourself with pink’ program Corrections Dental Tribune strives to maintain the utmost accuracy in its news, clinical and industry content. If you find a factual error or information that requires clarification, please report the details to Dental Tribune U.S. Managing Editor Robert Selleck at r.selleck@dental-tribune .com.