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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | November 2013A12 INduStry NEWS iPad app and cloud keep treatment plan accessible and secure Owandy is a manufacturer of dental imaging solutions, and its leadership team describes its latest imaging sys- tem as being one of the most unique imaging units available today. According to the company, with the launch of the I-Max Touch 3D panoramic imaging unit earlier this year, dental professionals everywhere have been able to experience unprec- edented simplicity and functionality, thanks in part to the innovative prod- uct’s SimPlant Pro software. SimPlant Pro – by Materialise, a sup- plier of treatment planning software, provides a library that continues to grow, with a combination of more than 8,000 compatible implants and abut- ments. It creates surgical drill guides (stents) for effective placement plan- ning and technical assistance. All of this functionality can be easily accessed in the palm of your hand with the new Team-Up! app from SIMPLANT. The app facilitates team communi- cation on SIMPLANT cases and is de- scribed as being an effective commu- nication tool to use with patients to compellingly explain the benefits of the dental implant treatment plan. This application for iPad® not only enables you to share and view SIM- PLANT cases but also helps you eas- ily communicate with everybody in- volved in the process. Implant surgeons can now easily team up with their referral dentists, labs and other professional colleagues to discuss an implant planning case — all within the secure environment of the SIMPLANT cloud. Take advantage of the new Team-Up! app from SIMPLANT Dental professionals who purchase the Owandy I-Max 3D from now until the end of De- cember will receive a free iPad Air to enable them to immediately take ad- vantage of the benefits available with SIMPLANT’s Team-Up! app. With Owandy’s pursuit of innova- tion, through the use of controlled la- ser beams for accuracy, the I-Max 3D panoramic unit allows for universal and precise patient positioning — even for patients with reduced mobility. The acquisition modes feature significant- ly reduced radiation exposure, result- ing in a higher level of patient safety. The I-Max Touch 3D flat-panel high- definition sensor combines 2-D pan- oramic and 3-D images acquiring true panoramic and cephalometric X-rays — not just reconstructions — from the 3-D volume. The I-Max 3D offers an enhanced field of view of 9-by-8 centimeters, enabling the entire jaw to be imaged in a single exposure along with 16 panoramic and cephalometric program view options for a more pre- cise diagnosis. “The I-Max Touch 3D provides an economic solution with high image quality,” says Anish Patel, president of Ashtel Dental/Owandy USA. “The reliable, user-friendly system enables dental professionals to plan an im- plant procedure quickly, accurately and effectively. The end result is a safer procedure for patients with better out- comes for the clinician.” D) images. The unit also is 100 percent compatible with the company’s native QuickVision imaging software that is bridgeable to most practice manage- ment softwares. For additional information about the I-Max Touch 3D, you can visit the com- pany online at (Source: Ashtel Dental/Owandy USA) The I-Max Touch 3D is the evolution of the I-Max Touch, a 2-D panoramic/ cephalometric unit with a long record of success, according to the company. By changing the sensor, and adding SimPlant Pro 3D imaging/treatment planning software, with a no-charge acquisition PC for volumetric data re- construction, the original I-Max Touch 2D can be upgraded to provide CBCT (3- Owandy, SimPlant Pro, Apple put total imaging control in your hands GNYDM BOOTH NO. 4812 Dental professionals who purchase the Owandy I-Max 3D from now until the end of December will receive a free iPad Air to enable them to immediately take advantage of the many benefits provided by SIMPLANT’s Team-Up! app. Photo/Provided by Owandy Mini implants have advanced patented coating to enhance critical initial implant stability How does Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. compare in cost to other mini implant systems? Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.: The mini implants, from Intra-Lock International, are stronger than the competing brands, have an advanced patented coating (OSSEAN Hybrid Bioactive Surface) for the critical initial implant stability and are $89 each, which includes the O- ring and housing. (Unlike other brands, these aren’t add-ons with extra costs.) The mini implant system is the most versatile system offering numerous cement over abutments as well as one- piece 2.5- and 3-mm implant designs. For more information about mini im- plants and their services, please contact Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. at 888-4SHATKIN or visit (Source: Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.)