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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | November 2013 A11 Ad NOMAD Pro 2: Holds charge longer, is more durable and reliable For almost a decade, Aribex has been quietly ripping the X-ray system off the wall and putting it into the hands of the dental team. Aribex manufactures a handheld, completely mobile X-ray sys- tem called the NOMAD. According to the company, one NOMAD does the work of multiple, wall- mounted X-ray systems, which can save the typical dental practice thousands of dollars in equipment costs. Moreover, because the NOMAD enables dental team members to safely and effectively stay with their patients during X-ray proce- dures, a bitewing series can be complet- ed in half the time required by a wall- mounted system. Unlike conventional wall-mount and portable X-ray systems, the NOMAD is lightweight, rechargeable (battery-pow- ered) and can go anywhere. Dental pro- fessionals around the world have been choosing the NOMAD as their preferred X-ray device, in and out of the office, with almost 13,000 NOMADs now in use. Building upon the successes of previ- ous innovation and design, Aribex re- cently introduced the NOMAD Pro 2, pro- viding the same mobile convenience and cost savings as previous models while increasing durability and performance. “The Pro 2 is exactly what our cus- tomers want,” said Ken Kaufman, gen- eral manager of Aribex. “We asked our customers how we could improve our marquee product. We listened, designed prototypes, asked for feedback and iter- ated until we met their requests. The end result of all of that hard work is the Pro 2. It’s simply the world’s best handheld X-ray system yet.” The newly designed battery handset, with infrared connectors, together with a new charging cradle, improves the sys- tem’s durability and boosts battery per- formance. “One consistent comment we heard from our customers focused on the charging station,” said Kaufman. “Our engineers spent hours working with cus- tomers, researching new solutions. Our final design is a big improvement, and our customers will agree.” Durability also is enhanced by a re- engineered user interface that is more scratch and moisture resistant. “The oper- atory environment can be hard on equip- ment, particularly with our products that are easily carried from operatory to oper- atory,” said Kaufman. “The NOMAD Pro 2 will stand up to repetitive antiseptic and cross-contamination control.” Use your old NOMAD Dental to save on (or win) a new NOMAD Pro 2 If you have an old, 8.5-pound, work- ing NOMAD Dental, and the improved, sleeker, 5.5-pound NOMAD Pro 2 sounds appealing, visit to learn how you can get a $1,400 rebate when you trade in for a NOMAD Pro 2. Trade in the oldest working NOMAD out there, and you'll be in the running to win a free NOMAD Pro 2 GNYDM BOOTH NO. 4131 The NOMAD Pro 2 has a newly designed battery handset with infrared connectors that in tandem with a new charging cradle improves the system’s durability and boosts battery performance. Your old, working 8.5-pound NOMAD Dental can earn you a $1,400 rebate as a trade-in. Visit to learn more. Photo/Provided by Aribex To learn more, contact your equipment dealer, an Aribex sales representative or visit “We’re excited to show our customers our new innovations and enhancements,” said Kaufman. “We invite our customers to visit our exhibit at booth No. 4131 at the Greater New York Dental Meeting for a special demonstra- tion of our new NOMAD Pro 2.” (Source: Aribex) INduStry NEWS