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44 I I feature _ interview surrounding soft tissue and allowing the ingrowth of osteogenic cells. The first results demonstrated excellent revascularisation behaviour and tissue compatibility, combined with an extended barrier function. The membrane furthermore offers ex- cellent handling properties, with a minimal size increase when hydrated, as well as easy reposi- tioning and unfolding. The official launch date will be advised at a later date. _New NobelProcera abutment will achieve aesthetics from a new angle Precise engineering has been part of Nobel Bio- care’s heritage since its beginning and the forth- coming NobelProcera Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) Abutment is another milestone in that his- tory. This new NobelProcera abutment can be designed with an angulated screw channel, which allows for a more optimal and aesthetic screw ac- cess position. Clinicians were previously limited to cement-retained solutions in some cases for aes- thetic reasons or because of access difficulties; now they can opt for screw-retained solutions and experience easy placement and removal op- tions with a screw access hole that can be placed according to preference. The concept behind the angulated screw chan- nel is to provide a free choice of screw access posi- tion to improve aesthetics (in the anterior region), enable easier access (in the posterior region) and provide restorative flexibility with increased treat- ment options. All this is supported by the new easy-to-handle Omnigrip interface tool. With the unique Omnigrip interface, the friction-based pick-up component of the screwdriver easily con- nects to the screw. Screw tightening is then pos- sible in all situations, whether the screwdriver is straight or at an angle. The ASC concept combined with Omnigrip will be introduced in 2014, starting with selected NobelProcera abutments. _Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation inaugurated at Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 The official inauguration of FOR took place on 20 June during the Nobel Biocare Global Sympo- sium 2013 in New York. Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund Dr Bertrand Piccard was awarded the foundation’s first FOR Humanity Award in recognition of his Winds of Hope humanitarian foundation. Prof. P.-I. Bråne- mark was elected the first FOR Honorary Fellow. Shaped by leading clinicians and scholars, FOR aims to build on Nobel Biocare’s long-standing commitment to science, education and humani- tarian engagement. By promoting oral health care and humanitarian endeavours, the foundation seeks to provide on-demand opportunities for learning, sharing and mentoring for better pa- tient care. Its endowment of FOR demonstrates the strong emphasis Nobel Biocare places on training and education, and underscores the future contributions the company plans to make to the oral health community. Visit to learn more about FOR and these latest an- nouncements. _Innovative scientific Nobel Biocare Global Symposium covers four complete patient journeys The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013, themed “Designing for life: Today and in the fu- ture”, was aimed at the dental professional who wants to acquire the latest science-based knowl- edge and techniques in implant dentistry. The in- novative and insightful programme was designed to maximise the learning experience. The pro- gramme centred on four patient journeys: missing anterior and posterior single teeth; missing mul- tiple anterior teeth; missing multiple posterior teeth; and managing the terminal/failing denti- tion—the transition to edentulism. The attendees were able to follow each patient journey from planning to maintenance, including possible com- plications and how to avoid them. Important clin- ical themes were also covered, such as minimally invasive treatment, graftless solutions, immediate replacement and function, soft-tissue health and aesthetics. The programme included the most re- cent information on the key factors for successful oral rehabilitation, such as diagnosis and treat- mentplanning,surgicalandrestorativetreatment, and patient follow-up. Learn more about the latest products, solu- tions and events on the Nobel Biocare website, which offers product information, first-user com- ments, course programmes, an online store for easy purchase and much more._ CAD/CAM 3_2013 Nobel Biocare Balsberg Balz-Zimmermannstr.7 8302 Kloten Switzerland CAD/CAM_contact