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20 I I case report _ CAD/CAM lingual orthodontic system _Adult orthodontic patients insist on aes- thetic treatment options that have the least pos- sible impact on their work and life. Clear aligners are an excellent treatment option that is well suitedtomanycomprehensiveorthodontictreat- ment plans. You may have already figured out that case selection is essential, and some move- ments are more difficult to perform well with removable aligners. Incognitolingualbraces(3MESPE)areanideal treatment option for adult patients who are best treated with a fixed system and who are looking for invisible orthodontics. They are also perfect for patients who are not committed to dealing with removable aligners. Lingual braces are an exciting advancement in orthodontic care, and many patients are thrilled. I would like to present a brief background on the Incognito lingual braces system, followed by a discussion of a case I treated with lingual braces and why I chose this system.1 The Incognito appliance is manufactured using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. The first step in the fabrication process is taking accurate polyvinyl siloxane impressions and bite registration using polyvinyl siloxane, and then creating a model in plaster and a diagnostic wax- up thereafter (according to my direct instruc- tions). The final model is then sent to me digitally for feedback, and I can make a series of changes until I am satisfied with the final result. The final modelisthenscannedwitha3-Dscannerandthe brackets are designed on the computer. The bracket and archwire system consists en- tirely of individualised components. The bracket bases and bodies, the position of the bracket body on the bases, the bracket-slot orientation (ribbonwise), the direction of the archwire in- sertion (vertical or horizontal) and the archwire geometry are all individually adjusted to each tooth, according to malocclusion and the ortho- dontist’s instructions. Rapid prototyping tech- CAD/CAM 3_2013 Fig 1_Different Steps of Manufacturing of Incognito System. Fig. 1 Non-extraction treatment of a Class II case with a missing mandibular central incisor using a CAD/CAM lingual orthodontic system Author_ Dr Khaled M. Abouseada, Saudi Arabia