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and drilling the affected tooth. One of the major problems faced when performing posterior com- posite restorations is creating tight proximal contact between the restoration and the adjacent tooth. Failure to do this of course increases the risk of trapped food and plaque formation. The new system provides a high quality filling with a much more reliable tight proximal contact, encouraging a higher standard of oral health. “In addition, this new tech- nique boasts an accuracy that enables practitioners to avoid creating a proximal marginal overhang, which is also very often associated with posterior composite restorations. This method can therefore be per- formed much quicker than oth- ers, and in an industry where time is money, this can be a hugely significant benefit. It is one of the quickest, safest and easiest sectional matrix systems available in the UK, and in most cases, it produces highly predict- able results. “During my lecture at the CIC, I will discuss how this care- fully designed matrix/wedge combination works, giving a step-by-step guide to using the product and highlighting its advantages to both the patient and the dentist. Of course, all techniques and products have limitations and it is also impor- tant to know and understand these in order to achieve the best results, so I will consider these too. I believe this matrix system however, could provide a solu- tion to the daily problems associ- ated with restorative dentistry in the UK.” Over the course of the two days, the CIC will provide up to 14 hours of verifiable CPD, help- ing delegates to meet the GDC’s requirements for continued reg- istration. For the second year running, the event will also host sessions for the London Deanery DFT Conference, designed spe- cifically to captivate and inspire London Deanery Foundation students, and introduce them to the modern dental profession. Hands-on workshops, live clinical demonstrations and a quality trade exhibition will also be presented in May, further en- riching the learning experience available to delegates. Not only does this provide access to the very latest equipment and tech- nology within aesthetic and re- storative dentistry, but it also en- courages delegates to broaden their knowledge of the industry. In addition to all this, the evening of Friday 17th will also see the Clinical Innovations Awards, offering delegates an opportunity to relax and net- work within the profession while enjoying delicious cuisine and live entertainment. The winner of the Award will be announced during the evening, celebrating the latest, most innovative prod- ucts to be developed and intro- duced to the dental market. Although he has not yet at- tended the CIC, Dr Van Rensburg believes such events are hugely beneficial for dental profession- als to attend. “I think the combination of lectures, workshops and trade is brilliant,” he says. “As dentists, we love our gadgets, and we love seeing new things. This confer- ence is a great way of discover- ing new products, techniques, ideas and perspectives in a va- riety of different areas. I can’t understand how I have never attended this excellent event be- fore, but I am now greatly look- ing forward to May!” Registration for the CIC 2013 is now open, so book soon to avoid disappointment! DT Contact information To find out more or to book your place, please email info@healthcare- or call 020 7400 8989 ‘This conference is a great way of dis- covering new prod- ucts, techniques, ideas and perspec- tives in a variety of different areas’ 11CIC 2013United Kingdom Edition March 11-17, 2013 Celebrating 10 years of innovation smile-on healthcarelearning inspiring better care Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May 2013 Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington BOOK NOW for early booking discount 020 7400 8989 3 Speakers include: Nasser Barghi Irfan Ahmad Louis Mackenzie Ash Parmar Ian Buckle